8 Ways to Stay Stuck and 8 Ways to Move Forward in Family Relationships


I’ve come to learn that most of us whirling about on planet earth don’t acknowledge the impact that anxiety, worry and frustration have on our ability to make continuous progress in our endeavors to build healthier habits around food, fitness, tranquility, an empowered mindset and our spiritual practices.

We get off track in our food habits or exercise regimen or meditation practice, etc. and we just chalk it up to being busy, life happens, stress and overwhelm are the norm, or we’re simply lacking willpower.

What if one of the main drivers (what’s really going on) is we’re dealing with an internal battle that’s causing us to have sleepless nights and disrupt our mood and ability to focus, all because of one or more family relationships that aren’t going as planned or desired?

What would happen in those relationships if we were courageous, willing to stay true to ourselves, trust our gut instincts and speak up with our authentic voice (you...

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Does it really matter?


If you’ve spent time exploring self-help, personal development and general wellness best practices, then it’s no surprise that having a consistent morning routine is amongst the top 5 recommendations to achieving optimal health and productivity.

Do you have one?

No, not the one that has you getting up shot out of bed like a canon, guzzling down some coffee while you race through the shower, feed the dogs and kids and head out the door chomping on whatever you microwaved all in less than an hour.  Technically, yes, that is a morning routine, but certainly not one that will lead you to good health nor a productive and happy day.

I’m talking about the kind of morning routine that no matter what comes your way, you know you got it!  Because of your morning routine, you’re more patient, a better listener; you’re able to maintain focus on your work and yet still prioritize your self care (taking breaks, hydrating, staying in alignment with your...

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The Weight of the Scale – Can You Relate?

It was time for me to go to the doctor for my ‘female’ preventive care exam and check up.  Aaaaahhhh, the joyful anticipation.
Actually, I don’t mind going to the gynecologist because I totally believe in preventive care exams and testing in general, but this time was different for a few reasons.
I had to choose a new doctor – our insurance changed, so I couldn’t go back to my Kaiser doctor I’d had for over 10 years.  Big time bummer there – I really connected with her and trusted her.
Then, I recently reached the magical age of 45 and while I love my age, it comes with a few more tests and recommendations.  Eh, ok if I must.
But what was really heavy on my mind was the intake portion of the visit where I’m faced with standing on the SCALE to get my weight and then the potential ensuing lecture I’d get from this new doctor about my weight being above the “normal” range on...

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2017 New Year's Resolutions Success Formula Workshop

You're Invited to this 2-Hour
New Year's Resolution Success Formula Workshop

Click here for details and to sign up

2017 is right around the corner and for most of us, we want more for ourselves - especially when it comes to our health.

Do you want to improve your eating habits, exercise more, feel more energetic and more easily enjoy the activities that make your life worth living?

Do you expect more of yourself in 2017 than you accomplished in 2016, but to get there, if you're honest with yourself, you could use some help?

Good news, help is available!

I'd like to teach you the 4-step "Success Formula" that will not only guide you to successfully acheiving your New Year's Resolutions, but sustain them beyond 2017.

Look at the below image. If you find yourself wanting the choice on the right, SIGN UP TODAY for this 2-hour workshop. Your mind and body will thank you.


And if you bring a friend, the cost of the workshop is free for you.

Have questions? Contact me today.

In good...

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Eating healthy isn't that complicated and here's why


Food Rules by Michael Pollan
An Eater's Manual

In my current 8-week Freedom From Diet Hell coaching program, I decided to use Michael Pollan's book "Food Rules" as the textbook for the group coaching class because as the subtitle says, it's an "eater's manual".

If you're a chronic yo-yo dieter, and want to get off that crazy train, an eater's manual is super helpful.

Just saying 'an eater's manual' out loud makes me pause and wonder, how did we get here...needing a manual to know what and how to eat?

Rather than get all hung up on that, I've accepted that in today's world with all the misguided, confusing and downright wrong nutrition advice out there, just to be thankful that Pollan did his research and put it so succinctly into this short, power-packed book.

And speaking of succinct, here's a video by Brian Johnson describing '5 Big Ideas' he captured from the book.

If you're frustrated with your health and confused about how to eat healthy to improve it, this is a must read book.

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Meditation Event Starting Soon - You Gotta Check this Out


Want a guaranteed way to improve your health, relationships and reduce stress in your life?

Opportunity is knocking and it's asking you to answer the door?  Will you?

If I told you by answering the door, you'll be given a gift that will improve your health (like reducing blood pressure, anxiety level, negative self talk and improve your metabolism), improve your relationships and the ultimate gift, reduces stress (which curiously also leads to having more time) - NOW would you answer?

I was skeptical when I first tried meditation.  I thought it was for "woo-woo" people.  The types who already had balance in their life, therefore a lot of free time - so they needed to fill it with something.  Turns out I held a lot of false beliefs and myths about meditation.

Really though, I was doubtful about whether or not I could do it - actually sit still and clear my mind for 15 minutes.  It seemed so foreign and daunting.  Like asking me to solve a Rubik's cube.


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Could this be THE thing that’s thwarting your progress?


I recently attended Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy 4-day live training event in San Diego. What a fantastic experience. It was my second time attending and it was even better than the first.

There were so many “aha” moments and oodles and oodles of wisdom, strategies, practices and methods to create a life filled with joy, health and fulfillment.

Today, I want to share one with you. This nugget is a big one. The impact it can have on your life if you truly internalize it is more like a meteor landing, so buckle up baby!

Brendon answered the perplexing question, what keeps me stuck and unable to reach my goals?

Or phrased another way that I’m sure you can relate to…and because you can relate, how about saying it with me now … “I know what to do, how come I just don't do it?!”


He answered it in multiple ways, but here was the big takeaway, boiled down to three magical words:



Do you? ...

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My heart hurts today and here’s why


I came across the following post on Facebook this past Sunday, posted up by a “friend” and while I know this person, I do not know her well.  In the non-social media world, she’d be what I’d call an acquaintance.  She writes:

Since tomorrow is Monday, I’m going to start eating healthy again and exercising and try to stop smoking.  Tomorrow is a new day, lets hope it goes well for me.”

Oh how that just leapt from the screen at me.  I quickly felt my heart sink into my stomach.  I felt my jaw clench, adrenaline surge and had an overwhelming sense of sadness and empathy for her.

My heart hurts.

Why?  Her words used to be mine.  That hanging on feeling to even the slightest shred of hope; hoping to reclaim health, a former weight and fix what’s wrong used to fill my days.

What was also true back then for me, and I’ll venture to say this is true for this woman now, is that hidden behind with the...

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10+ Ways to Improve Your Relationships


I was fortunate to spend 5 days last week in New York City celebrating my wedding anniversary. The experience got me thinking about relationships in general and how the really good ones light up my life.

Would you agree, that at the core of our human experience, it's the desire to be connected to others in deeply, genuine and authentic ways is what brings the greatest satisfaction and meaning to our lives?

And if that's true (and I believe it is) - I ask myself, what am I doing to improve and deepen the relationships I care about the most?

Also, what makes the really good one's so good? Relationships include a significant other, friend, family member, colleague, or acquaintance and the most important relationship of all in my opinion, the connection between yourself and your spirit.

If I had to pick one thing that I'm working on to improve my relationships it's this - and I steal Oprah's line - 'what I know for sure' is in today's busy-busy world and addiction to digital devices,...

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Is Being Grateful for Absolutely Everything Possible?


I mentioned a couple weeks ago in the blog that I’m reading a really fantastic book with a dear friend of mine (Penache Desai’s “Discovering Your Soul Signature”).  It’s broken down into 33 days of lessons or teachings. 

We’ve taken more than 33 days to read it because there’s just so much rich, juicy goodness within it. 

We text each other back and forth about what it’s teaching us, how it resonates with us and how we can apply the teachings to our own lives so that we can live more fully and with greater ease and serenity.

I digress, the point for today’s blog is to share with you another lesson that has deeply stuck with me, and it happened on Day 21 in the chapter entitled Gratitude.

My friend’s text to me that day is what really hammered it home as she described a life experience she was dealing with and then curiously just decided, hmmm, how about I give this be grateful for EVERYTHING a real...

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