Calling All Monkey Brain & Stress Addicts - This One is for YOU!

Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Monkey Brain
and Reduce Your Stress?


Do you know how to worry? Repeating the same thoughts over and over? Then you'll be GREAT at meditating.

Seriously - too often I hear clients tell me they aren't good at meditating, or they don't think it will work for them like it does for other people. Or, better yet, they claim they don't have time to meditate.

How can I put this in a loving, yet direct way. Hmmm, ok here goes: those are bogus excuses coming from a place of either fear or pre-judging a proven wisdom tradition before genuinely trying it.

How do I know? Because I've had enough clients resist meditating, but once they finally give in, become open minded to it, and dedicate themselves to practicing it despite their fears, feeling uncomfortable and awkward, they ALL realize the true power of meditation, the health benefits and wish they'd tried it sooner.

So here's your chance. This FREE...

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Need a Nutritionist or Eating Behavior Coach?


I offer a free 20-minute consultation, by phone, to new clients who are interested in my Eating Behavior Coaching services if they want to be sure my services are aligned with what they're looking to achieve regarding their health and wellness goals.

Lately, the most common inquiry is about wanting a nutritionist to help them eat better, lose weight and/or build muscle and get fit. And nearly all have stated they've been to a nutritionist before and/or have gone through traditional style diet programs with a nutritionist component. I scratch my head

Of course I let them know I am not a licensed nutritionist, but that my approach often significantly improves their relationship with food, weight and body image and thus their overall health and life. And here's the kicker, what they learn translates into long-term results and can be modified to match their evolving life and age, all without restrictive meal plans and good food/bad food lists!

My coaching approach is meant...

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How to avoid having your success drift away from Destination Island

Ever wonder why after working so hard to change an unwanted habit around food, your weight, your body image or the way you talk to yourself you can’t sustain the success you achieve? 

In today’s Rusti Q episode, I go over 4 tips to maintaining your residency on Destination Island.  

I hope you get some value from today's video and if you like what you hear, I’d love to hear from you.  Leave a comment will ya? 

And if you think others can benefit from the message, please share it with them.  

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You’re wasting precious life energy when you do this

Of the hundreds of images, quotes and information we see on a daily basis, some of them stop you in your tracks right? 

You have one of those “whoa….damn…hold up” kinda moments.  The message is so powerful, it wakes you up from the normalcy of your day, and begs you to listen.

I had that kind of moment when I saw this image with these powerful words.

It was as though it was written just for me and delivered when I would see it at just the right time for it to land deep in my heart.

It hit me H-A-R-D because it woke me up to the realization that I have spent so much wasted energy in my lifetime trying to get others to understand me.  What’s worse, is when I’m trying to convince myself that what I’m thinking, feeling or doing makes good logical sense. 

It can get pretty exhausting working that hard instead of simply being me.

When I go into explain-mode, it robs me of the energy I could be using to impact someone...

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Here's 2 Reasons Why You Get Derailed and How To Get Back on Track

Are you frustrated trying over and over to change a lifestyle habit, belief or repetitive thought pattern only to get knocked off your game time and time again. Enough already right?

Watch today's video to understand the two most common reasons why derailment happens and what you can do about it.

And if you like what you hear, please share it with your friends and leave a comment - I welcome all feedback!

Coach Rusti Q

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A Dose of Inspiration


When do you know if you’re inspired or motivated?  And why should you care?

There’s a BIG difference in the two, that’s why.

Knowing the difference can be a liberating realization because if what you’re striving for is being sought through you being motivated, you have a very low chance of actually reaching your goal or end target.

Motivation wanes and you can spot it easily when you break down why you’re doing something: you “should” do this. 

When motivated by should, (by example: I should work out more; or I should volunteer and give back; or I should be more patient with my co-workers that drive me nuts, etc. ), you also draw out your inner rebel, so it becomes in inner battle rather than something you genuinely desire.

You give up rather easily and with it comes the long list of reasons to blame for your lack of success - never actually recognizing it wasn't something you were deeply inspired to attain in the first place.


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Self-Acceptance Leads You to Your Destination


As I work with more and more clients who have unwanted, dysfunctional and downright torturous eating habits that are robbing them of living a life with ease, enjoying mind-body health and experiencing the richness it can bring, it reinforces what I deeply know to be true:

Without unshakable self-acceptance throughout every phase of your life, you will always block your ability achieve what you want most in life.

Self-acceptance is the STARTING PLACE, not the destination.

Some say self-sabotage, lack of willpower, or fear of the unknown is what ultimately blocks us from reaching our goals, retraining our minds and making the transformational lifestyle changes that would lead us to our happy & healthy place.
But it isn’t any of these based on my experience.  These are just examples of the excuses we tell ourselves.
Instead there is a severe drought going on in our world; a massive pit of self-loathing and focus on what’s wrong and needs fixing rather...

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The #1 Way To Cure Your Overeating, Binge Eating and Emotional Eating Problem


The majority of the clients I work with believe they have an overeating, binge eating, or emotional eating problem.  They can’t control themselves with food and they’re horribly frustrated with themselves and their lack of willpower.

The truth of the matter, or what actually lies at the core of this so-called problem isn’t a lack of willpower or some biological defect that causes a person to eat in ways and in amounts they actually don’t desire.

Instead, if you seriously want to rid yourself of your unwanted eating behaviors, the #1 way to do it is to become truly present with your food when you eat AND s-l-o-w down the pace with which you eat.

Yup, it’s as simple as that and the first place to start.  If you think you have an overeating problem, binge eating problem, emotional eating problem or lack of willpower problem, you do NOT!  How great is that news?

So how do you cure your overeating, binge eating or emotional eating...

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5 Steps to Breaking Free from Negative Self-Talk


Do you say mean, horrible, awful things to yourself? You know what I’m talking about…the sorts of things that if said out loud your friends and family would wonder about your sanity. Or reverse things, and think about saying the things you say to yourself to others – you wind up punched in the face or alone forever right?

The good news is you’re not alone. It’s part of being human and there’s a usefulness to having an inner critic and judge, but only up to a point.

When the voice in your head becomes punishment seeking, imagines the worst and the tell-tell-sign is you’re unable to dismiss the critical thoughts even when you know they’re not true, you’ve crossed the line.

You can’t ever completely get rid of negative self-talk, but you can quiet it down, minimize it, and when recognized, squash it quickly rather than feed and fuel it.

That’s the real goal.

To believe you can completely get rid of self-doubt, fear,...

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Top 5 Mind-Body Health and Nutrition Resources I Love


Whenever I follow someone who I admire and want to learn from, I’m always curious about their inner world; their day-to-day reality and who they admire.

For instance, who do they study? Who inspires them? What book is on their nightstand currently?

So here’s what I can share about me, Rusti Q – my current Top 5:

1. Currently on my nightstand is the book “Always Hungry?” by David Ludwig, MD, PhD. While I’m only about ½ way through the book, its brilliance is abundantly evident.

I was turned on to this book by the magnificent thought leader and practicing functional medicine doctor, Dr. Mark Hyman (if you’re interested in learning about how food processes in the body and exploring better nutrition that works with your body – I strongly encourage you to follow him by subscribing to his newsletter and weekly videos).

2. For motivation, developing new thought and mindset habits that support my mind-body health goals and in...

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