Some Thanksgiving Truths

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I was kickin around some ideas this past week as to what sort of Thanksgiving message I wanted to send you this year.  This Thanksgiving feels different to me, like we're on the cusp of repair and healing.

That kind of energy always causes me to reflect.  You too? 

I reflected upon the last two year's messages:

My 2019 message focused on survival skills when getting together with family.

And last year’s message talked about the ambiguous grief most were feeling.

While life continues to change, I'm reminded some things inherently don't.  Then it hit me, yes!  That's what this year’s Thanksgiving message must be about: reminding each of us of those solid, undeniable truths.

They are:

You matter

The world needs you

More goodness is coming

You have untapped potential

You possess the capacity to be the friend you are to others to yourself

And here's another truth:  I'm grateful you're on this healthy & happy journey with me and part of my community.  Thank you.  Together we’re stronger!

Wishing you good health and peace of mind now and always.


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