Is it a Compliment?


So I was going to write this blog today on a totally different topic, but I experienced something that kinda got under my skin, so instead I’m going to share it with you. I welcome your comments and perspective.

You know the feeling when someone attempts to compliment you and your body and mind freeze up for 3-4 seconds trying to figure out if it actually was a compliment or was it some type back-handed judgment or criticism?

I know full well from my eating psychology training, experience, and my ongoing studies that we all have a choice in how we choose to hear words spoken to us and how we translate the experience. I genuinely believe it’s a choice and work to practice it daily.  I’ve also found it’s helpful to be mindful of who it’s coming from and perhaps consider they might be projecting their beliefs and baggage onto me when it really has nothing to do with me…I get it, really I do.

So with that full blown disclaimer, hear me out on...

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Resources to Kick-Start Your Meditation Practice


I love, love, love my daily meditation practice.  When I miss a day, I notice it – my day simply doesn’t go as well.  I don’t feel as balanced and likelihood of experiencing anxiety and irritability during my day increases.

Basically, with meditation I’m a happier, more productive and less reactive person when I start my day off meditating.  And if I end my day with meditation, wow, does the quality of my sleep vastly improve!

But I wasn’t always into meditation.  I first started to meditate back in 2013 after developing panic attacks and suffering a major burnout in my corporate career.

I felt awkward and downright tense while meditating at first.  And I questioned whether I was doing it “right”?  I wondered if moving or scratching my nose would completely void out all benefits and just ruin the whole thing.  And what about how much time meditating actually counts as meditating…3 minutes, 5...

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