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Optimize is astonishingly good and so helpful to anyone who is trying to elevate their life and health because it’s rooted in ancient wisdom and modern science and gives simple (not necessarily easy though as all change is hard at first) and practical action steps to practice and become your new way of navigating the world.  And not just navigating through traditional habits, but a true shift in mindset.
So that’s why I’m sharing this message with you. 
It’s a gift you can share too by passing on to those you care about and love.  If you or they have any questions, I’m happy to answer them, just reach out to me.

The Optimizing Offers:

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  2. 70% OFF for January’s Optimize Mastery class   It’s only $300 AND you can bring a friend for FREE!  I’m not kidding when I say I’m blown away by this offer because this past January when I signed up to take the Mastery class, I paid $1k.  So $300 and you get to bring a friend, whaaaat, that’s crazy good.  It’s a $700 savings (or $1,700 if two of you sign up together) on Optimize's 300-day, scientifically-proven program that help you express the best version of yourself. In just the last 3 years since the Mastery class has been offered, over 3,500 people from 95 countries around the world paid $1,000 (and even at $1,000 it’s already under-priced relative to value).  For January 2022’s class, it’s just $300. Wow wow wow.

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    Know this: Almost exactly half of the people who go through Optimize Mastery are individuals who want to use the program to become the best versions of themselves in service to the world around them (this was me). The other are half are coaches who want to earn a Coaching certification (this was me too!) and take their professional coaching practice to the next level. It used to be called Optimize Coach. Now it’s called Optimize Mastery.

    The (!) most important thing Optimize does to help EVERYONE in the program do to boost their professional success—whether that’s the CEO or the Coach—is to become a radiant Optimizing exemplar. (Aka the best version of themselves!) using simple, tactical, empowering and community supported tools and wisdom.  
Whether the Mastery program is right for you or not, I hope at minimum you’ll sign up and experiment with the FREE Optimize Wisdom membership - I truly think you’ll be blown away and have some fun along the way too as you take your mind to the mental gym.
Reach out to me if you or anyone you know who might be interested in Optimize have any questions - I’m happy to connect with them.

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