Want to be optimistic in these turbulent times, but how? Watch this!

Thanks for taking a pause in your doom scrolling on social media to get a positive dopamine hit.   Watch this - click here

No matter how far down you might be in the cynicism trap where you think life is a zero sum game, you can be taught/re-learn that it really isn't and you're WAY better off, healthier and happier when you pull yourself out of that mental trap.  

The teaching begins with changing how we each perceive empathy and cynicism.  

Get a taste of what that kind of life and world might look like by giving yourself the time to watch this 12-min TedTalk video - it's a powerful TedTalk by Jamil Zaki, professor of psychology at Stanford University and the director of the Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab - click here to watch it.

After watching, leave a comment here describing the biggest takeaway for you.

Then share this with others will ya? 

May we each decide to be the change we wish to see in the world and take action each day in that endeavor. 🥰

I say hell no to the cynicism trap!  What about you?


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