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Less Chaos, More Sanity Please

While this communication to you today has something to do with the upcoming US Election, it is NOT political.  Seriously, I don't care what party affiliation you identify with, but I do care about your mental well-being and your overall health.  That's why I'm reaching out to you today.

I really really want you to join me in the Ten Percent Happier meditation 7-day Election Sanity Challenge that begins Tuesday, October 27th.  It's free to join, sign up here, and simply download the app.

For 7-days, you'll be gifted with a timely teaching that will create perspective around the election madness, then treated to a guided meditation.  Don't worry if you can't or don't tune in everyday or if you aren't good at meditating - do it anyway.  Just listening each day will improve your health and mindset.

Your nerves will thank you!

PS - I'm not affiliated in any way with Ten Percent Happier, but I am an avid user and raving fan.

"The 7-day Election Sanity Challenge, starting Tuesday, October 27th, is aimed at providing you with the skills to navigate this wild political season in a way that allows you to be both engaged and calm. Challenges are an excellent way to kickstart or dive back in to your meditation practice. And we designed it specifically to help folks lean into the commotion of the election, without getting burnt out. Download the Ten Percent Happier app today to start meditating your way through this Election season." - Ten Percent Happier

I have a mission to help others feel comfortable in their own skin by listening to and trusting their inner wisdom instead of sabotaging themselves and staying stuck and frustrated.

There are simple tools and practices that will dramatically improve your health and life and I'd love to teach you how to implement them now so that you start living the life you've always imagined.

Could you use some help:

  • Improving your mindset? 
  • Reduce your stress level? 
  • Find healthier coping strategies? 
  • Gain control over your relationship with food and weight? 
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries at work and with family/friends?

Sign up for private one-on-one coaching today and let's get started. 

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