Thankful and grateful in 2020

Giving Thanks in 2020

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Thankful Ambiguity

Our traditional activities and expressions of gratitude during the Thanksgiving holiday won't be the same in 2020.  It's almost like 'tis the season for ambiguous grief and loss. 

It's understandable and human for you to wish things were back to normal, but staying in that mindset will rob you of the goodness that still remains.  

My hope is that we each embrace every bit of goodness that surrounds us today, no matter how small or different it all seems. 

Thereafter, may you be patient and kind with yourself first and foremost.  From that space, you'll be more equipped to put words and deeds into action that will set the stage for a brighter tomorrow, not only for yourself, but for all.

If you're struggling this holiday season, you're not alone.  Reach out to me for encouragement or one-on-one coaching if I can be of help.  You will get through this and you're not meant to do so alone.

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