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Who, How and Why...and inside look at Rusti Q Health Coaching

I belong to a BNI referral network marketing group called A1 Business Builders. We meet every week to help promote each others businesses. At each weekly meeting, one member gets the spotlight by being given the opportunity to take 10 minutes to give a "featured presentation" - the purpose is to go more in-depth who you serve, what are your special talents or differentiators and what kinds of clients are the best kind of referrals.

This week it's my turn to give a feature presentation. Very excited - I love spreading the word about what I do in the hopes to attract clients who can benefit from my style of Health Coaching.

For my presentation, I prepared a leave behind document that goes into the Who - How - Why of what I do. And it got me thinking - why just share this with my business networking group, why not share it with my exclusive Member List?

So here you go, click here - please give it a read and let me know if you or someone you know could benefit from my Health Coaching services. I appreciate you taking time to read it.


PLUS: I'm offering and "End of Summer" new client discount offer too: receive four 1-hour coaching sessions (by phone, virtual online, or in-person at my Westminster, CO office) for just $199 (that's a 30% savings!!). Simply contact me today to get started.

Can someone else benefit from reading today’s blog – would share it with them?

In good health,
Coach Rusti Q

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