Achieve better health post-COVID-19 stay-at-home period? But how?

How do I stay motivated during this stay at home time period?

Are you feeling like a sloth these days? Zapped of energy; every day seeming to drag on and you're becoming more and more consumed by fear and worry?

What about those grand plans of yours while you lie in bed at know, the one's where you're really going to take the bull by the horns the next day and totally eat healthy, work out and get those projects you've been procrastinating on done...yet, when the next day comes, none of those things happen?  Why?

In the land of stay-at-home quarantine, it can be even more difficult to sustain motivation on your own. 

Don't go it alone - JOIN team Healthy Mojo, an official team of the Whole Life Challenge and get coached by me daily, plus have a team that supports you and holds you accountable.  Participating will mean you'll not just get through the stay-at-home mandated time due to COVID-19, but come out stronger, healthier and with an improved outlook on life!

Don't pass this opportunity up, join the Challenge and team Healthy Mojo today!  The cost is exceptionally low at just $49 for the ENTIRE 6-week program!

Team Healthy Mojo is already gathering and preparing for the April 11th start date.  Get in now so I can help you prepare and hit the ground running day 1!

The Whole Life Challenge is a game like wellness program that runs 6-weeks and starts April 11th.  You'll be supported by teammates who share your struggles and self-doubt, but together we're stronger!

Here's how the 6-week Challenge works:
--Quick 1 min 20 second video:  click here
--Read this brief overview outlining how to play the Challenge:  click here

Best of all, you'll have daily access to Coach RustiQ.  She's been coaching the Healthy Mojo team since 2016 and offers that personalized touch to each of her players. 

Plus she guides the team with action-based strategies that include how-to steps that lead to sustainable habits.

Sustainable progress, never perfection, is the highest goal because those that adopt a progress mindset are the ones that have long-term success well beyond the 6-week Challenge.

Have questions?  Contact Coach RustiQ directly and ask away.

Remember, the 6-week Challenge starts Saturday April 11th and the team is already getting to know one another and preparing for the start date, so don't delay, sign up NOW!

I look forward to having you on the team and helping you achieve your goals.

Onward & Upward,
Coach RustiQ

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