Making this tweak to your self-awareness practices to reap big rewards!


I’m always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and skill set as a certified Health Coach so that I can better help my clients achieve their wellness goals. 

Recently, I’ve been teaching my Healthy Mojo team, an official team of the Whole Life Challenge, about Intuitive Eating and we were on a zoom video call together discussing the Intuitive Eating Principle #4 “Challenge the Food Police” where you identify the various inner voices that either harm or help you in your relationship with food, weight and body image.  The first step is identifying which voice is speaking and becoming aware it’s happening, then what it's saying, which can then lead to a series of why inquiries. 

That's when the real work begins – going deep into your inner world!

We can’t change what we’re not aware of, so by becoming aware of these voices like the Food Police, we can challenge and transform those thoughts and beliefs. 


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Wondering how to navigate this new normal we’re living? Start here


I'm struggling these days.  You too?

It was early Sunday, like real early, 2 am early and I couldn’t sleep…again. Mind you, I consider sleep a cherished hobby and I don’t get through my day well if I’m not fully rested. And now’s not the time to be sleep deprived – it makes me extra weepy.

So I’m lying there and think ‘take your own advice Rusti and lean into what you’re feeling; get curious.’

Not getting anywhere, I move on to meditating, following my breath. Each time I get swept up in thought (dozens of times btw), I gently and with a friendly tone remind myself, come back, begin again, it’s ok.

Even that’s not working. I toss, I turn, I pray and think of the things I’m genuinely grateful for.

After an hour and a half of these efforts, I decided it was just better to get up and get on with the day. Being sheltered in place affords me the option of taking a brief nap later.

As I’m making...

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Achieve better health post-COVID-19 stay-at-home period? But how?


How do I stay motivated during this stay at home time period?

Are you feeling like a sloth these days? Zapped of energy; every day seeming to drag on and you're becoming more and more consumed by fear and worry?

What about those grand plans of yours while you lie in bed at know, the one's where you're really going to take the bull by the horns the next day and totally eat healthy, work out and get those projects you've been procrastinating on done...yet, when the next day comes, none of those things happen?  Why?

In the land of stay-at-home quarantine, it can be even more difficult to sustain motivation on your own. 

Don't go it alone - JOIN team Healthy Mojo, an official team of the Whole Life Challenge and get coached by me daily, plus have a team that supports you and holds you accountable.  Participating will mean you'll not just get through the stay-at-home mandated time due to COVID-19, but come out stronger, healthier and with an improved outlook on...

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With sadness, I share this news with you…


This time was different

Another hospitalization…here we go again; but this time was different. The palliative care nurse at the hospital wanted to talk about hospice care.  Such a scary word and normally it would've taken my breath away, but after the last 17 months in which my mom suffered two broken ankles 6 months apart, 7 surgeries, and spent 12 of the 17 months either in a hospital or rehab facility, it was more like the air left my body in defeat.

The time had come for hospice “comfort care”.  That conversation with the palliative care nurse happened on March 4th and we brought her home two days later.  She died 12 days later on March 18th

She got her dying wish to be at home in her final days.  I’m grateful I got to spend the majority of those days by her side. 

And now, the aftermath...  I'd like to share with you what I'm doing to support my health, mind, body and soul, as I navigate through my grief.  It...

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Past issues of Coach RustiQ's Blog (2019 to Feb 2020) - here's where you'll find them!


Hello my friend,

Previously, I was sending out my periodic Exclusive Member's List blog articles via Mailchimp.  I've been meaning to move them over to my website for some time. 


In my humble opinion, there's quite a bit of juicy wisdom, tips and strategies found in my those previous blog communications, so if you want to peruse them and read the one's that might benefit you the most, go here.

Please contact me if you have any questions or feedback for me.  I respond to all communications within 48 business hours.

Onward & Upward my thriving friend,

Coach RustiQ

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Who, How and Why?

Who, How and Why...and inside look at Rusti Q Health Coaching

I belong to a BNI referral network marketing group called A1 Business Builders. We meet every week to help promote each others businesses. At each weekly meeting, one member gets the spotlight by being given the opportunity to take 10 minutes to give a "featured presentation" - the purpose is to go more in-depth who you serve, what are your special talents or differentiators and what kinds of clients are the best kind of referrals.

This week it's my turn to give a feature presentation. Very excited - I love spreading the word about what I do in the hopes to attract clients who can benefit from my style of Health Coaching.

For my presentation, I prepared a leave behind document that goes into the Who - How - Why of what I do. And it got me thinking - why just share this with my business networking group, why not share it with my exclusive Member List?

So here you go, click here - please give it a read and let me know if...

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Greatest predictor of how your day will turn out - are you doing this?


Want your day to go the
way you want more often?

WARNING: The answer to this question isn't going to be something earth shattering that you've never heard before, but my hope is that because you're reading this today your mind is open to not just hearing this, but taking it in and sparking the willingness to put it into action in your own life.

Do you have a consistent morning routine?

Quick, what do you think of when you read that - a morning routine? What does that mean to you?

Does it mean, "ugh - that's work!" or do you think to yourself "I don't have time!" or are you reciting the phrase "yeah, yeah, yeah, heard that before, doesn't work for me"?

Whatever it is you're thinking or whatever your past experience with creating a morning routine or ritual that didn't work out, I simply ask that you stay open minded long enough through today's blog to consider it may have value in your life.

Nothing spoils discovering solutions more than the unwillingness to experiment. You've heard...

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4 Pieces to Your Healthy Habits Puzzle that may be missing


Which of these 4 Puzzle Pieces are Part of Your Healthy Habits Routine?

Want to learn more about each of these areas? 

Check out the following resources: 

The Alchemy of Forgiveness - click here

How to Practice Walking Meditation - click here

5 Lessons Most People Learn Way to Late in Life - click here

Always Hungry by David Ludwig (book review via Brian Johnson video) - click here

Want to delve into one or more of these puzzle pieces in greater depth, but need some guidance and accountability? 

Why not try Health Coaching with me, Coach Rusti Q?

I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation to determine if we're the right fit for one another.  You can decide if my coaching services help you complete the puzzle you've been desperately trying to finish for far to long and yet can't seem to put it all together when it comes to improving your health quality of life. 

  Contact me today to set up a time for my free 20-minute consultation.
And if...

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Want to get healthy you say? What does that mean?


So you want to "Get Healthy" huh?

Clients I have the privilege to work with always have as part of their goals to “get healthier.” As their Health Coach, I teach them how to be more specific and actually define it for themselves based on the lifestyle they’re seeking. This way, they will know once they’ve arrived and achieved their goal.

Their definition of getting healthy, once they're truly honest with themselves, often it isn't the same one they've been taught by their doctor, their family, or society at large.

What getting healthy more often than not means to them is having the physical strength and energy and the mindset that will lead them to the quality of life they're after - being able to enjoy what's meaningful for them in life.

Can you see how defining it in this way - your desired quality of life - would differ from what you've been taught is being healthy?

STOP and think, right now, ask yourself how you define being healthier? Be very specific...

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Do you need to hear this message?


Clarity is Power - Do You Know Why You Want It?

Are you doing the things you know will bring you the success in the areas of life you desire? Most clients I work with say they know what they need to do, they just don't know why they don't do it or can't sustain it.

Most often, at the root of why any of us don't achieve what we say we most want is because we're not actually clear on why we want it. We haven't taken the time to get so clear about why and what price we're willing to pay to get it that we drift in the land of frustration and confusion.

You know what doesn't exist in the land of frustration and confusion:



--Consistent Action.


--Embracing the Struggle.

--Work at it.Every.Day!

--Hire a coach, a counselor, or ask an honest friend to help you and challenge you.

Pretty exciting and glamorous stuff huh?

But does it work 100% of the time? Yes!

Today I'd like to spark a fire in you. In whatever area of life you're feeling stuck or not making...

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