5 transformation tools to put into practice in 2023 to radically change your life and health

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There's a very real energy in our midst right now with 2023 being just a few days away.  You can harness that new year energy and use it to your advantage. But heads up, riding the wave and harnessing that energy is uniquely different than making a New Year’s Resolution.  Here me out on this and see if you agree.

A new year's energy source brings inherent excitement because we're closing out one year and embarking on a new one.  It's a new adventure.  We all feel this energy even if we can’t put it into words.  I liken it to the energy of a surfer who’s just about to catch a monster wave.  We can harness it and use it to propel us forward.

We ride the wave with an inner knowing, not rooted in fear but simply an ancient truth that, at some point, the wave will crash.  When it does, we'll know it's not something going wrong, but rather, a natural part of the process.  It's a good thing - a time to reflect, adapt and create a new opportunity to catch the next wave.  The wave crashing is good and useful.  We learn from it and re-commit to improving our skills. 

Crashes can stoke our determination to rise back up, instead of giving up.  Embracing this kind of growth and adapt mindset, we stay ever-focused on catching the next wave…and the next…and the next and so on.

Here are the 5 energy wave catching tools that hold the power to transform your life and health so that you make lasting change in 2023 and beyond:

  1. Believe and expect that it will take daily intentional effort, it won’t go perfectly, will be more work than you imagined, require lots of sacrifice and be hella uncomfortable during the process of change. You really must start here.  The reason planning for and getting excited by New Year's Resolutions is because it's all imagination, no actual work.  Once the real work begins and the initial excitement wears off, most people discard all those well-thought out plans.  So, be brutally honest with yourself and the reality of what it takes to change something deeply meaningful about your health habits and lifestyle.  When you do, you'll be set for success because when things get hard (they will) and aren’t happening fast enough, you can rest in the knowing that it’s simply part of the process.  Not a time to give up, but instead, dig in and keep going.
  2. Don’t go it alone! Find someone, or a group, who will call you on your BS in kind, supportive and encouraging ways.  Accountability works!  Make it central to your plan.  Work with a counselor, an online group, a coach, or other trusted individuals or groups that are dedicated to elevating their health and life.
  3. Start with low hanging fruit to capture some early and meaningful wins. The key to lasting change is to take daily action towards your goals and it's human nature to need results to quickly follow for effort made.  Keep it simple and make consistency your superpower.  No matter how small the step of action, if it’s in the direction of your goals, when done with consistency, you will make lasting progress.  This can't be said enough: ACTION, any action in the direction of your goals, is what will build confidence in yourself, produce results and fuel your ongoing willingness to keep going. So, start small, and be fiercely consistent.  You do this and the change you seek will become a reality.
  4. Focus on the bookends of your day, meaning the first 20-30 minutes at the start and end of your day. How you start your day is a great predictor for how the rest of the day goes.  Start with your focus on YOU before you attend to others needs.  Focus on your intentions, your action steps and prepare your mindset.  Then, end the day with reflection, wind down and re-commitment.  When we create structure and routine around how we start and end our day, we build up our bandwidth to withstand whatever the day throws at us.  Think of them as touchstones.  So many people wonder why they don’t do what they know “works” or that they so deeply yearn for and quite simply, it’s because they lose focus and don’t have touchstones to re-commit to each day.  What we focus on expands, deepens and grows.  Make your morning and evening bookends sacred and watch your life change in lasting ways.
  5. Slow down to get more. More of what you ask?  More clarity, willpower, energy, confidence and peace of mind.  Identify the things that are robbing you of feeling good in your body, mind and spirit and start releasing their grip on your daily life.  The people, places and experiences that drain you, eat up precious time and take your focus away from what truly matters to you re: the health and life you seek. This is uniquely personal to each of us and requires a level of awareness that must be learned and protected.  

In all the years I’ve been coaching others and working on myself, #5 on the list makes the biggest difference because it transforms what many of us were taught about habit and mindset change. It’s the true game changer in my opinion.  It’s what ends the all-or-nothing thinking, keeps you aligned with your values, and builds an infinite energy reserve, that resides within, ready and available at all times to help you keep going no matter the obstacles that come your way.

It’s in the slow-down-space where you can honor the struggle, soothe your fears and remind yourself of your wholeness.  You learn to trust yourself and be courageous despite the fear and doubt.

I'll close with these truths that apply to every single one of us:

  • we already possess the answers to our biggest questions and they reside within us waiting to be recognized.
  • we have the skills and capacity to change what’s not working in our health and life if we become willing to consistently slow down long enough to hear our inner wisdom.
  • we must first take action, then confidence and trust in ourselves comes. It’s not the other way around.  ANY action in the direction of where you’re trying to go could be the spark that leads to lasting change.
  • we're not meant to walk this road alone, please don’t. Be courageous and ask for help. Work with others.  We're all students and teachers; all masterpiece and work in progress simultaneously. 

PS - I gotta share this one last bit of juicy goodness as you head into the new year: the paradox of time. We must slow down to get more of it. This is counter to the way most people in the U.S. live their lives and it’s one of the main reasons we’re getting sicker and lonelier in this country.

Time is also the #1 excuse most people give as to why they’re not where they want to be in their health and life.  You control your time by where you place your attention and what you give energy to.  If you want more time, learn how to slow down and the answers will come.

If you’d like to learn more and how to put these steps into action in a consistently structured way, reach out to me and let’s get started.  You can schedule your first coaching session with me here.

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Wishing you a healthy and happy 2023,

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