Why are you trying to figure it out by yourself?

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As you may have heard, May is Mental Health Awareness month.  Let us normalize seeking help with our struggles, especially the one's where we inwardly ask ourselves what's wrong with me? or will life ever get better?...will it always be this hard?

It doesn't have to be, but life will continue to be grueling and filled with doubts and fears IF you choose to continue to go about things on a solo mission. 

Whether it's pride, a sense of embarrassment, thinking it's a sign of weakness to ask for help, or fears your friends/family will judge you if you got counseling/therapy/coaching, PLEASE, genuinely please, stay open to the possibility that seeking help is what's been missing up to this point in your life.  Then test the waters and find out first hand.

Seeking Help is the Missing Link to Your Better Life

Together we're stronger!  It's my hope that you'll click on the very practical and ridiculously great resources I'm sharing with you today as a springboard to living life differently.  Rationalize it however you need to so that you get over whatever barrier has been holding you back from asking for help. 

Putting your mental health first is the most courageous act you'll ever do. 

I'm reaching out to you today in what I hope is received as a loving plea from someone who knows how vital therapy, counseling, coaching, etc. is to breaking free from unhealthy beliefs, patterns and behaviors.  I'm someone who used to feel mentally tormented by my harsh inner critic who was never, ever satisfied and relentlessly looked for all the ways I was falling short in life despite massive, tangible evidence to the contrary.

Your mind is mighty powerful and must be trained and given regular support if you're going to unlearn the unhealthy and harmful patterns that keep you feeling stuck, anxious, fearful and frustrated.  And you can't do it alone!

Please don't suffer in silence!  You are a radiant soul who deserves goodness, compassion, to feel whole, blessed and live a more vibrant life.  Let today mark the start of your willingness to seek help and get support.  End the solo mission my friend!

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Ten Percent Happier is sharing meditations, podcasts and more for free for the month of May - click here to check it out.  And if you're a mental health professional or know someone who is, be sure to grab a one year subscription for free!!

Another bundle of goodness to look into is this "The Grown-Up's Guide to Emotional Regulation" - this is a fantastic list of resources and practical wisdom I highly recommend you check out.  There really is something for everyone.  Click here to peruse the various articles and give yourself the gift of picking one that really lights you up and reading it instead of more doom scrolling on social media.

Need something else?  I'd love to help!  Reach out to me and share what you're looking for and I'll do my best to direct you to a resource that can help.  Just click the button above and I'll be sure to get back to you right away.

In good health,

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