Who, How and Why?

Who, How and Why...and inside look at Rusti Q Health Coaching

I belong to a BNI referral network marketing group called A1 Business Builders. We meet every week to help promote each others businesses. At each weekly meeting, one member gets the spotlight by being given the opportunity to take 10 minutes to give a "featured presentation" - the purpose is to go more in-depth who you serve, what are your special talents or differentiators and what kinds of clients are the best kind of referrals.

This week it's my turn to give a feature presentation. Very excited - I love spreading the word about what I do in the hopes to attract clients who can benefit from my style of Health Coaching.

For my presentation, I prepared a leave behind document that goes into the Who - How - Why of what I do. And it got me thinking - why just share this with my business networking group, why not share it with my exclusive Member List?

So here you go, click here - please give it a read and let me know if...

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Greatest predictor of how your day will turn out - are you doing this?


Want your day to go the
way you want more often?

WARNING: The answer to this question isn't going to be something earth shattering that you've never heard before, but my hope is that because you're reading this today your mind is open to not just hearing this, but taking it in and sparking the willingness to put it into action in your own life.

Do you have a consistent morning routine?

Quick, what do you think of when you read that - a morning routine? What does that mean to you?

Does it mean, "ugh - that's work!" or do you think to yourself "I don't have time!" or are you reciting the phrase "yeah, yeah, yeah, heard that before, doesn't work for me"?

Whatever it is you're thinking or whatever your past experience with creating a morning routine or ritual that didn't work out, I simply ask that you stay open minded long enough through today's blog to consider it may have value in your life.

Nothing spoils discovering solutions more than the unwillingness to experiment. You've heard...

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4 Pieces to Your Healthy Habits Puzzle that may be missing


Which of these 4 Puzzle Pieces are Part of Your Healthy Habits Routine?

Want to learn more about each of these areas? 

Check out the following resources: 

The Alchemy of Forgiveness - click here

How to Practice Walking Meditation - click here

5 Lessons Most People Learn Way to Late in Life - click here

Always Hungry by David Ludwig (book review via Brian Johnson video) - click here

Want to delve into one or more of these puzzle pieces in greater depth, but need some guidance and accountability? 

Why not try Health Coaching with me, Coach Rusti Q?

I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation to determine if we're the right fit for one another.  You can decide if my coaching services help you complete the puzzle you've been desperately trying to finish for far to long and yet can't seem to put it all together when it comes to improving your health quality of life. 

  Contact me today to set up a time for my free 20-minute consultation.
And if...

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Want to get healthy you say? What does that mean?


So you want to "Get Healthy" huh?

Clients I have the privilege to work with always have as part of their goals to “get healthier.” As their Health Coach, I teach them how to be more specific and actually define it for themselves based on the lifestyle they’re seeking. This way, they will know once they’ve arrived and achieved their goal.

Their definition of getting healthy, once their truly honest with themselves, often it isn't the same one they've been taught by their doctor, their family, or society at large.

What getting healthy more often than not means to them is having the physical strength and energy and the mindset that will lead them to the quality of life their after - being able to enjoy what's meaningful for them in life.

Can you see how defining it in this way - your desired quality of life - would differ from what you've been taught is being healthy?

STOP and think, right now, ask yourself how you define being healthier? Be very specific and...

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Do you need to hear this message?


Clarity is Power - Do You Know Why You Want It?

Are you doing the things you know will bring you the success in the areas of life you desire? Most clients I work with say they know what they need to do, they just don't know why they don't do it or can't sustain it.

Most often, at the root of why any of us don't achieve what we say we most want is because we're not actually clear on why we want it. We haven't taken the time to get so clear about why and what price we're willing to pay to get it that we drift in the land of frustration and confusion.

You know what doesn't exist in the land of frustration and confusion:



--Consistent Action.


--Embracing the Struggle.

--Work at it.Every.Day!

--Hire a coach, a counselor, or ask an honest friend to help you and challenge you.

Pretty exciting and glamorous stuff huh?

But does it work 100% of the time? Yes!

Today I'd like to spark a fire in you. In whatever area of life you're feeling stuck or not making...

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Today's Mission: Shorten Your Learning Curve


May this help you and inspire you

Any good coach, teacher or counselor worth their salt knows they don't know it all and it's mission critical to always be a student first, teacher second. Then, with genuine humility, use what they've learned and communicate it in a way that it offers the opportunity for those they work with to make the kind of changes and progress in their life for which they sought counsel for; it's the art of shortening another's learning curve and time spent floundering.

Long before I became a Health Coach just a few years back, I was lucky to have a number of influential mentors and colleagues who took the time to teach me, support me and inspire a thirst for life-long learning and contribution. That's where it began.

And now, as a Health Coach, I am an avid learner, researcher and synthesizer of what I hope is valuable resources, methods and strategies to improve my client's health and quality of life.

I was reminded of this lesson/mission of mine in a book...

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Want More Time - Try This!


Actually, the real question is - with more time, how would you use it in a way that makes your life more enjoyable, less stressful and improves your overall mind-body health? 

Of course I'm assuming that you desire a more enjoyable life, less stress and improved health.  If you don't, you might as well stop reading right now.

With more time would you:
--spend more time on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram?
--binge watch more TV?
--work more and strive to finally get caught up on the backlog that haunts you?
--play more video games or watch your favorite sporting event more?
--watch more news so you're properly informed and at-the-ready for any debate that should arise?

These are the things most people would do with more time if they had it.  Sadly.  I say sadly because these very things are what's robbing us all from having that elusive "more time" and better quality of life.

Zoning out, obsessing about the news of the day, being addicted to mobile devices and its...

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8 Ways to Stay Stuck and 8 Ways to Move Forward in Family Relationships


I’ve come to learn that most of us whirling about on planet earth don’t acknowledge the impact that anxiety, worry and frustration have on our ability to make continuous progress in our endeavors to build healthier habits around food, fitness, tranquility, an empowered mindset and our spiritual practices.

We get off track in our food habits or exercise regimen or meditation practice, etc. and we just chalk it up to being busy, life happens, stress and overwhelm are the norm, or we’re simply lacking willpower.

What if one of the main drivers (what’s really going on) is we’re dealing with an internal battle that’s causing us to have sleepless nights and disrupt our mood and ability to focus, all because of one or more family relationships that aren’t going as planned or desired?

What would happen in those relationships if we were courageous, willing to stay true to ourselves, trust our gut instincts and speak up with our authentic voice (you...

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Does it really matter?


If you’ve spent time exploring self-help, personal development and general wellness best practices, then it’s no surprise that having a consistent morning routine is amongst the top 5 recommendations to achieving optimal health and productivity.

Do you have one?

No, not the one that has you getting up shot out of bed like a canon, guzzling down some coffee while you race through the shower, feed the dogs and kids and head out the door chomping on whatever you microwaved all in less than an hour.  Technically, yes, that is a morning routine, but certainly not one that will lead you to good health nor a productive and happy day.

I’m talking about the kind of morning routine that no matter what comes your way, you know you got it!  Because of your morning routine, you’re more patient, a better listener; you’re able to maintain focus on your work and yet still prioritize your self care (taking breaks, hydrating, staying in alignment with your...

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The Weight of the Scale – Can You Relate?

It was time for me to go to the doctor for my ‘female’ preventive care exam and check up.  Aaaaahhhh, the joyful anticipation.
Actually, I don’t mind going to the gynecologist because I totally believe in preventive care exams and testing in general, but this time was different for a few reasons.
I had to choose a new doctor – our insurance changed, so I couldn’t go back to my Kaiser doctor I’d had for over 10 years.  Big time bummer there – I really connected with her and trusted her.
Then, I recently reached the magical age of 45 and while I love my age, it comes with a few more tests and recommendations.  Eh, ok if I must.
But what was really heavy on my mind was the intake portion of the visit where I’m faced with standing on the SCALE to get my weight and then the potential ensuing lecture I’d get from this new doctor about my weight being above the “normal” range on...

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