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A few days ago I was encouraged to take an online questionnaire that would identify my core values, in chronological order, from one to twenty-four.  You know what I value the most in life?  Perspective!

Yes!!  I exclaimed inwardly because I knew it in my soul to be true.  It’s a skill I work on daily. 

The lens with which I choose to see myself and the world around me shapes me moment to moment.  It’s the most powerful driver, or in this instance, value, that steers my life.

That’s what this communication+helpful resources message is meant to be for you today – an opportunity to pause and check in with yourself on your perspective. 

How you’re seeing things unfold in your personal life, the pandemic, and the unrest we’re witnessing post election here in the US, your relationships, etc.

I’m reminded of the deep wisdom shared by Viktor Frankl in his book Man’s Search for Meaning where he delivers this truth bomb: 

Frankl believed we’re motivated by a desire to find meaning in life; life can have meaning even in the most miserable of circumstances and humans are innately driven to seek finding that meaning.

The meaning we give our life experiences comes from the lens of perspective.  If you see the world as cold, terrifying and ugly, you’ll receive more of that.  If your perspective is to see it as mostly loving, kind and abundantly blessed, you’ll experience more of that in your life. 

Don’t believe me?  There’s science to back this up!!  Take a read of this brief article written by Mark Manson (warning, he uses F* bombs and other curse words in his writings, but for deliberate purpose in my opinion).  In this article entitled "Why we forget that most people are good" he highlights our mindset biases and why our perspective matters so much.

Here’s a teaser from the article:  “By cutting out that 1% you save yourself from 74% of the bull$h*t” 

READ the article – you’ll thank me later

Back to Viktor Frankl for a minute before I offer you another resource today to gain some wider perspective...another of his quotes:

"The one thing you can't take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of one's freedoms is to choose one's attitude in any given circumstance."

We ALL possess the ability to create the space between stimulus and response.  It's my hope you’ll want to practice cultivating it because it's in that space where you hold your power; and when you harness that power, you experience freedom. 

Freedom from rumination, catastrophizing, sticking your foot in your mouth, worrying endlessly and so much more.

Ok…moving on to the next powerful resource I wanted to share with you today:  a podcast just released by the awesome folks at Ten Percent Happier. 

I’ve broken it down below into bite size listening pieces if you like that sorta thing. 

If you’re not familiar with Jack Kornfield, well you’re in for a treat.  So much wisdom (and timely for what we’re all going through btw), and he’s really funny!

So hop on over to wherever you listen to podcasts and take a listen.  Or go here to listen online.

Big Dose of Perspective by Jack Kornfield (Ten Percent Happier podcast)

3:30 min: Given the times we’re in, how Jack stays mentally calm

6:45 min:  When things feel dire and chaotic, rest in trust, loving-kind spaciousness and remove the landmines in your heart

9:30 min: Ghandi’s example of sitting in silence/meditation to bring about collective peace

12:25 min:  Triggering our nervous system repetitively;take back ownership

13:50 min: What spacious awareness feels like (and yes, all of us can access it)

16:25 min:  Experiential opportunity - Jack guides a short meditation

21:15 min:  Mindful loving awareness explained

28:00 min:  What can happen when you start to become mindful

32:00 min:  Love in all sorts of flavors and the illusion of separateness

40:00 min:  How to have compassion for those you disagree and are angry with (caller Q&A)*

48:10 min:  In response to the rioting/insurrection at the Capitol, does it help and can others feel it when we send good vibes / loving kindness? (caller Q&A)

54:50 min:  How can I be less fearful of COVID, insurrection, etc. and model that to my children? (caller Q&A)

59:37 min:  Setting perspective with children by speaking this truth to fears

1:02:57 min:  In closing, why people cling to hate and the tools we’ll need to heal the divide

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Love and hugs to you my friend,





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