Calling All Monkey Brain & Stress Addicts - This One is for YOU!

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Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Monkey Brain
and Reduce Your Stress?


Do you know how to worry? Repeating the same thoughts over and over? Then you'll be GREAT at meditating.

Seriously - too often I hear clients tell me they aren't good at meditating, or they don't think it will work for them like it does for other people. Or, better yet, they claim they don't have time to meditate.

How can I put this in a loving, yet direct way. Hmmm, ok here goes: those are bogus excuses coming from a place of either fear or pre-judging a proven wisdom tradition before genuinely trying it.

How do I know? Because I've had enough clients resist meditating, but once they finally give in, become open minded to it, and dedicate themselves to practicing it despite their fears, feeling uncomfortable and awkward, they ALL realize the true power of meditation, the health benefits and wish they'd tried it sooner.

So here's your chance. This FREE 21-day event will teach you the basics of meditation if you're new to it or deepen your practice if you're more experienced. Go here to sign up:  Getting Unstuck; Creating a Limitless Life

I'd also like to invite you to join my Facebook Group where we can share our experiences during the 21 day event, support one another and give each other a little more accountability to follow through. You can join the group today @ Rusti Q-Coach's "Meditators Unite" public Facebook group.

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