You’re wasting precious life energy when you do this

Of the hundreds of images, quotes and information we see on a daily basis, some of them stop you in your tracks right? 

You have one of those “whoa….damn…hold up” kinda moments.  The message is so powerful, it wakes you up from the normalcy of your day, and begs you to listen.

I had that kind of moment when I saw this image with these powerful words.

It was as though it was written just for me and delivered when I would see it at just the right time for it to land deep in my heart.

It hit me H-A-R-D because it woke me up to the realization that I have spent so much wasted energy in my lifetime trying to get others to understand me.  What’s worse, is when I’m trying to convince myself that what I’m thinking, feeling or doing makes good logical sense. 

It can get pretty exhausting working that hard instead of simply being me.

When I go into explain-mode, it robs me of the energy I could be using to impact someone...

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