Want to get healthy you say? What does that mean?

So you want to "Get Healthy" huh?

Clients I have the privilege to work with always have as part of their goals to “get healthier.” As their Health Coach, I teach them how to be more specific and actually define it for themselves based on the lifestyle they’re seeking. This way, they will know once they’ve arrived and achieved their goal.

Their definition of getting healthy, once they're truly honest with themselves, often it isn't the same one they've been taught by their doctor, their family, or society at large.

What getting healthy more often than not means to them is having the physical strength and energy and the mindset that will lead them to the quality of life they're after - being able to enjoy what's meaningful for them in life.

Can you see how defining it in this way - your desired quality of life - would differ from what you've been taught is being healthy?

STOP and think, right now, ask yourself how you define being healthier? Be very specific and use identifiable measures and terms in your definition.

How would you feel when you wake up in the morning?

How would you interact with others?

What activities would you engage in?

What would you stop doing that you currently do in the name of 'being healthy'?

How would you move your body?

What kind of relationship with food would you want?

Got it summed up in your mind? Good. Read on.

Were any of these included in your definition:

-Unshakable feeling of comfort and confidence in your own skin
-Consistently elevated energy and stamina
-More restful and greater quantity of sleep
-Being at ease around food and with food choices
-Optimal digestion (eliminating gas, bloat, stomach upset)
-Clear mental focus and highly efficient productivity
-Experiencing freedom to eat what you want and with pleasure
-Consistent positive inner dialogue about your self-worth and body image
-Daily physical movement that is enjoyable and increases strength and stamina in your body
-Ability to manage daily stress so effectively you become truly present with others and this means you improve and deepen your relationships and life satisfaction
-Reduce or eliminate prescription drugs. Replacing drugs with new beliefs and holistic habits that improve health, like practicing mindfulness and meditation and using food as medicine.

New clients of mine find that only a few of the above are within their definition of getting healthier. Fortunately though, by the time we end our coaching work together, they are all within their long-term definition of being healthy.

Here's what some have had to say about our work together, click here.

Getting healthier, as you want to define it, is possible and even sustainable!

It takes being willing and open minded to try a different approach based on the principles of eating psychology, mind-body nutrition and mindset transformation which teaches you how to eat, how to enjoy food, how to use food as medicine, how to move your body in ways you enjoy and produce greater health, and how to trust your body’s feedback to tell you when you're out of balance and what foods make you feel your best and lead you to becoming healthy and sustaining good health.

Success isn’t the before and after picture; it’s how you feel inside and how connected you become to your body’s feedback. With it, the possibilities of getting healthy are unlimited - you have an internal guidance system your inner wisdom, you've just gotten disconnected in your adult life.

Let me help you reconnect to that innate body wisdom and help you get healthier.

You can contact me today for a free 20-minute phone consultation to see whether or not you think Health Coaching would help you get where you want to go in your health.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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In good health,

Coach Rusti Q


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