Self-Acceptance Leads You to Your Destination

As I work with more and more clients who have unwanted, dysfunctional and downright torturous eating habits that are robbing them of living a life with ease, enjoying mind-body health and experiencing the richness it can bring, it reinforces what I deeply know to be true:

Without unshakable self-acceptance throughout every phase of your life, you will always block your ability achieve what you want most in life.

Self-acceptance is the STARTING PLACE, not the destination.

Some say self-sabotage, lack of willpower, or fear of the unknown is what ultimately blocks us from reaching our goals, retraining our minds and making the transformational lifestyle changes that would lead us to our happy & healthy place.
But it isn’t any of these based on my experience.  These are just examples of the excuses we tell ourselves.
Instead there is a severe drought going on in our world; a massive pit of self-loathing and focus on what’s wrong and needs fixing rather than starting from a place of acceptance then turning towards a solution.  The solution is where you spend your time, energy, attention and focus.  You practice; you experiment; you fall on your face and get back up and try again.
Focusing on the solution requires self-compassion, brutal honesty with self and others, self-forgiveness and a willingness to explore with curiosity and present moment awareness what’s really leaving you feeling lost, hurt and hopeless. 

This is your emotional and psychological realm my friends - it's dark, murky and sometimes scary, but it's what holds the key to you breaking free and having the health and life you crave.  It truly is all within you already...waiting to be seen, heard and released.
Getting there is quite a journey and is usually messy.  It’s an inward, soul searching deep dive of your inner world and is best done with help from others.  Because let’s face it, you’ve been going at it alone for a long time now right…you getting to where you want to go?  Are the voices in your head leading you towards what you want or leaving you stuck and falling backwards further and further?
Is it time to ask for help? 
My hope for anyone struggling with an unwanted, miserable or worse yet, torturous relationship with food, weight and/or body acceptance seek help from a trusted friend, spiritual advisor, coach or counselor.   Someone who will serve as a guide, a friend and champion you towards self-acceptance.  From that place, everything is possible.
Don’t wait any longer – you’ve got a great life ahead of you…begin NOW!
“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” – Deepak Chopra
Life will get better when you take action by seeking help.  Your health in all regards, mind-body-spirit, will improve. 
You can evict the vicious voice in your head telling you all those awful things about yourself and replace it with your true voice – the one of self-acceptance, who is compassionate, self-forgiving and even has a sense of humor.
Good luck.  Let me know if I can be of help to you on your journey – I would be honored to do so.
Coach Rusti Q

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