Resources to Kick-Start Your Meditation Practice

I love, love, love my daily meditation practice.  When I miss a day, I notice it – my day simply doesn’t go as well.  I don’t feel as balanced and likelihood of experiencing anxiety and irritability during my day increases.

Basically, with meditation I’m a happier, more productive and less reactive person when I start my day off meditating.  And if I end my day with meditation, wow, does the quality of my sleep vastly improve!

But I wasn’t always into meditation.  I first started to meditate back in 2013 after developing panic attacks and suffering a major burnout in my corporate career.

I felt awkward and downright tense while meditating at first.  And I questioned whether I was doing it “right”?  I wondered if moving or scratching my nose would completely void out all benefits and just ruin the whole thing.  And what about how much time meditating actually counts as meditating…3 minutes, 5 minutes, 20 minutes?  Aaarrgghh!  I thought meditating was suppose to be calming??

The myriad of questions and my inexperience nearly caused me to give up.

Fortunately though, while I took breaks and had fits of starts and stops for days and even weeks at a time, I never gave up totally.

To my delight, then one day it all clicked.  I experienced what I believe is referred to as bliss.  I was hooked from there.  Bliss, for me, was a feeling of complete relaxation, my breath was rhythmic, thoughts came and went but I didn’t get tied up or attached to any one thing.  I also had what I would describe as a serene trust in who I was in that moment – I was just as I should be, nothing more, nothing less.  And finally, the cherry on top, I felt an unshakable belief that was well then and all will be well always.

My bliss experience is likely different from what you may experience and that’s the beauty of meditation – there is no right or wrong way to do it or experience it.  You’re doing it absolutely right if you simply take action and continuously practice.   That’s it!!  It’s a practice.

So if you’re new at meditating, or you simply want to deepen your meditation practice, here are two really short training videos (Video 1 and Video 2) from someone I deeply admire and who I learned meditation from, Deepak Chopra.

Once you’ve watched the training videos – how about putting the information you learned into practice right away?  Here’s of one of Deepak’s guided meditations "Living Carefree."

I hope you get something from today’s blog and the training videos.  If you know of someone else who would enjoy reading today’s blog or who you’d like to introduce the idea of meditating to, please share this with them.

And let me know what works for you in your meditation practice by leaving a comment.  I reply to all comments posted!

Namaste my friends!

Coach Rusti Q


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