Need a Nutritionist or Eating Behavior Coach?

I offer a free 20-minute consultation, by phone, to new clients who are interested in my Eating Behavior Coaching services if they want to be sure my services are aligned with what they're looking to achieve regarding their health and wellness goals.

Lately, the most common inquiry is about wanting a nutritionist to help them eat better, lose weight and/or build muscle and get fit. And nearly all have stated they've been to a nutritionist before and/or have gone through traditional style diet programs with a nutritionist component. I scratch my head

Of course I let them know I am not a licensed nutritionist, but that my approach often significantly improves their relationship with food, weight and body image and thus their overall health and life. And here's the kicker, what they learn translates into long-term results and can be modified to match their evolving life and age, all without restrictive meal plans and good food/bad food lists!

My coaching approach is meant to lead them to feeling calm around food, learn to like and accept their body, and figure out the most nourishing way to achieve a weight that allows them to live the life they desire.

The journey is different for each of us and comes in all shapes and sizes.   A person gets to this healthy & happy place through holistic daily practices, retraining the mind and other old world wisdom traditional teaching that result in unshakable self-love, compassion for self and unconditional self-acceptance.

I’m blessed to get to help others by serving as an Eating Behavior Coach that specializes in eating psychology and mind-body health and nutrition.

That’s my official title, but most don’t understand what it means.

Initially, when I say Eating Behavior Coach (or Eating Psychology Coach) most think that means the same thing as a nutritionist or dietician who lays out a meal plan and teaches someone how to count calories, grams and portions.  It’s not.

Others assume that it’s about weight loss.  It’s not.

Another group thinks it’s about teaching people how to have better willpower and control around food.  It’s not.

Most, if not all, think it’s about fixing what’s wrong with people who have excess weight and/or wind up with food-related diseases like diabetes.  It’s not.

The label eating behavior or eating psychology also confuses some by thinking it’s for those with anorexia or bulimia.  It’s not.  (In fact, I don’t work with those individuals as they require more specialized coaching and care).


It is about coaching you to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin.

It is about nourishing yourself in ways that make you feel alive, energetic, and clear minded.

It is about eliminating the mind numbing confusion around food, fitness, weight and health but never through a cookie cutter formula or diet plan.

It is about digesting the difficult parts of life that are hard to process, and not through the punishing ways you’ve learned along the way like stuffing your emotions down with food or over exercising.

It is about recognizing your worth, lovability and value simply for who you are and not what your exterior looks like.  This is priceless by the way!!

It is about learning about how thoughts, feelings and beliefs impact nutritional metabolism and health

Did you know, for every person who has an unwanted eating habit like binge eating, overeating, emotional eating, endless dieting, over-exercise as punishment for eating something considered bad or overindulging, nutritionally confused and it’s causing anxiety paralysis, etc. – their food “issues” are always connected to work, money, relationship, family, expectations, grief, trauma, intimacy, life stress and so much more.

These are the realms I get to work with my clients in and teach alternative solutions to moving through and beyond what’s eating at them!

I hope this has been helpful to understand what my Eating Behavior Coaching practice is about.  I could tell you more and would love to – so if you have questions or think you or someone you know could benefit from my coaching, please leave a comment below or contact me by phone or email.

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Thank you!

–Rusti Q 

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