Meditation Event Starting Soon - You Gotta Check this Out

Want a guaranteed way to improve your health, relationships and reduce stress in your life?

Opportunity is knocking and it's asking you to answer the door?  Will you?

If I told you by answering the door, you'll be given a gift that will improve your health (like reducing blood pressure, anxiety level, negative self talk and improve your metabolism), improve your relationships and the ultimate gift, reduces stress (which curiously also leads to having more time) - NOW would you answer?

I was skeptical when I first tried meditation.  I thought it was for "woo-woo" people.  The types who already had balance in their life, therefore a lot of free time - so they needed to fill it with something.  Turns out I held a lot of false beliefs and myths about meditation.

Really though, I was doubtful about whether or not I could do it - actually sit still and clear my mind for 15 minutes.  It seemed so foreign and daunting.  Like asking me to solve a Rubik's cube.

But three years ago, I was in a desperate state of mind suffering high anxiety and panic attacks, I became willing to give it a try. 

Maybe you're not in a desperate state of mind or having any form of health crisis, but yet you feel off somehow - in your health, in your focus, in your zest for life, in your relationships, or maybe in your inner world (the thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself and your place in the world).  If so, why not give meditation a try?

And if you tried meditation in the past and it "didn't work for you" - try again.  It's likely that you had some misconceptions about meditation or you were too hard on yourself thinking you weren't doing it right. 

Try again.  Please.

It might sound cliche, but meditation is a priceless gift only you can give to yourself.

And Oprah & Deepak make it so easy and so inviting with their 21-day meditation events.  It's free.  You're taught how and guided through the process.  The meditations start with insightful lessons based in universal wisdom teachings.  And you don't need to be religious or spiritual to meditate.
The next 21-day event entitled Creating Peace from the Inside Out: The Power of Connection starts Oct. 31st.  Registration is open - you can sign up now

In this event, you will be taught how to "master the power of true connection to create peace within yourself, your relationships, and your world."

I am not affiliated with this event and in no way compensated for promoting it - I simply believe so strongly in the power of meditation to improve your health, relationships and overall quality of life that I wanted you to be aware of this offer.  I would love it if you'd sign up and experience what it has to offer.

PLUS - if you want additional support during the 21-day event - I've created a private Facebook group you can join - go HERE.  In this group, you'll receive support from me and fellow meditators of all experience levels, get your questions answered and it will be a place you can draw inspiration and get encouragement from.   Join Today!

If you know of anyone who might be interested in meditation - pass this along will you?

And if you have questions or comments about today's blog or you'd like to share how mediation has impacted your life - leave me a comment will you?  I answer all comments.

Thank you,

Coach Rusti Q

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