Eating healthy isn't that complicated and here's why

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2016

Food Rules by Michael Pollan
An Eater's Manual

In my current 8-week Freedom From Diet Hell coaching program, I decided to use Michael Pollan's book "Food Rules" as the textbook for the group coaching class because as the subtitle says, it's an "eater's manual".

If you're a chronic yo-yo dieter, and want to get off that crazy train, an eater's manual is super helpful.

Just saying 'an eater's manual' out loud makes me pause and wonder, how did we get here...needing a manual to know what and how to eat?

Rather than get all hung up on that, I've accepted that in today's world with all the misguided, confusing and downright wrong nutrition advice out there, just to be thankful that Pollan did his research and put it so succinctly into this short, power-packed book.

And speaking of succinct, here's a video by Brian Johnson describing '5 Big Ideas' he captured from the book.

If you're frustrated with your health and confused about how to eat healthy to improve it, this is a must read book.

Please, invest in yourself. Watch the video, then go buy the book, then start integrating the teachings into your daily nutrition habits. Your body and mind will thank you.

In good health,

Coach Rusti Q

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