Does it really matter?

If you’ve spent time exploring self-help, personal development and general wellness best practices, then it’s no surprise that having a consistent morning routine is amongst the top 5 recommendations to achieving optimal health and productivity.

Do you have one?

No, not the one that has you getting up shot out of bed like a canon, guzzling down some coffee while you race through the shower, feed the dogs and kids and head out the door chomping on whatever you microwaved all in less than an hour.  Technically, yes, that is a morning routine, but certainly not one that will lead you to good health nor a productive and happy day.

I’m talking about the kind of morning routine that no matter what comes your way, you know you got it!  Because of your morning routine, you’re more patient, a better listener; you’re able to maintain focus on your work and yet still prioritize your self care (taking breaks, hydrating, staying in alignment with your food and fitness goals).   You know that each day will bring it’s own brand of challenges, curveballs and wackadoo people – yet because of the morning routine you establish and consistently follow through with, you get through each day in a calm and confident way.

Yeah, one of those kinds of morning routines…you got one of those?  You want one so you can feel that way?

And does it really matter?  Yes, is S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y does. 

It’s the difference between going through life thinking people, places and events control you and all you can do is react and wonder why life is so difficult and will it ever get easier vs. living life at the pace you choose, having energy throughout the day, being present and focused at work and at home, and the best gift of all is that you know in your core that all is well and you can face anything that comes your way because you this resource to tap into called inner wisdom.

The kind of morning routine that gives you this power has the following key elements:

  • You prioritize sleep, so you awaken rested from the night before
  • You fuel your body first with water to wake up your insides
  • You nourish your mind with quiet meditation, setting your intention for the day
  • You thank your body by stretching and moving it
  • You eat delicious and nutrient dense food for breakfast and prepare your lunch
  • You guard your mind from news, social media or email until after your morning routine is complete

The awesome thing about this kind of morning routine – it looks different for everyone, but shares these components.  And, it might vary from workdays to weekend days.

To find the right morning routine for you, you must be willing to experiment.  You must be willing to go outside your comfort zone until you find the right combination.  You must decide to value the pace, productivity and health of your day.

You must prioritize the health of your inner world (what you say to yourself throughout the day) and your personal relationships (how you show up in them and participate in them).

You must believe that embracing structure, routine and discipline is the pathway to personal freedom and feeling confidently at ease.

So let me ask you again, do you think it matters how you start your day?

If you want to learn how to create a morning routine that radically improves your health, relationships, productivity and overall quality of life, but could use some help

figuring it out, let me be your guide, Coach Rusti Q.  Contact me today to learn how.

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Thank you – Coach Rusti Q

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