Could this be THE thing that’s thwarting your progress?

I recently attended Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy 4-day live training event in San Diego. What a fantastic experience. It was my second time attending and it was even better than the first.

There were so many “aha” moments and oodles and oodles of wisdom, strategies, practices and methods to create a life filled with joy, health and fulfillment.

Today, I want to share one with you. This nugget is a big one. The impact it can have on your life if you truly internalize it is more like a meteor landing, so buckle up baby!

Brendon answered the perplexing question, what keeps me stuck and unable to reach my goals?

Or phrased another way that I’m sure you can relate to…and because you can relate, how about saying it with me now … “I know what to do, how come I just don't do it?!”


He answered it in multiple ways, but here was the big takeaway, boiled down to three magical words:



Do you?  Do you know what that means?

Brendon describes it one way like this:  “Honoring the struggle is a critical mindset to sustaining success in life. Accept the fact that we can’t change or influence everything, but we can change and influence our attitude and our actions each day. We can move forward by facing the issue and accepting the adversity as a necessary component in our overall growth.”

And here’s another way to think about it.  Do you believe it’s about the journey and not the destination?  If you truly do – then you would welcome and become willing to endure the struggle and the process of change (for more about how you can improve your success rate in the process of change – watch Brendon’s video here). 

The process of change – it’s difficult, uncomfortable, dreadful at times, painful other times, and often overwhelming – but necessary if you actually want change an unwanted habit or mindset into an empowering and nourishing one.

There’s no way around the process of change to get what you want, so why not embrace it and honor the struggle?

Freedom to become what you seek becomes possible when you become willing to endure.

No, it’s not easy.  Yes, it’s worth it!

Endure means to keep going even when these things will surely happen: obstacles, set backs, people make fun of your efforts, self-doubt, it doesn’t happen fast enough for your liking…you get the idea right?

The destination ‘happy, fulfilling and healthy life’ does not exist.  The journey with them and through them does exist.

Letting go of the destination mindset and replacing it with unwavering belief and trust in the journey will set you free.

For me personally, hearing this lesson again at the 4-day conference was powerful.  I have a number of goals I’m working to achieve in my life and embracing this wisdom with more vigor and consistent, conscious focus is going to radically, and positively, change how I approach the journey and my results.

So let me ask you – do you want better results in attaining your goals?  Want to get off the “I’m stuck and don’t know why” loop?


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