A Key Reason Trust Leads to Freedom to Live Your Best Life

I’m reading this great book with a good friend of mine.  We’re book-clubbing it so to speak, that is, in today’s modern form of book-club where we read a chapter a day (ultra short chapters by the way) and then we text each other sometime during the day with our thoughts, reactions, questions, etc.

The book is called Discovering Your Soul Signatureby Penache Desai.  Awesome, awesome read. 

So yesterday’s chapter, or lesson, was Day 23 entitled “Unfolding” and it hit me deeply and thought it may resonate with you too. 

Here’s where it reached out and grabbed me first:

Penache writes: “What if I were to tell you that you can’t mess up this thing called life?”

I’m thinking:  really, come on now, I’ve already messed things up in my life…many, many, MANY times, how can this be?

Within a page, the clever author pulls me back with this thought and question:

“For a moment, let’s have the audacity to consider the possibility that it <your life> is all indeed preordained. I’m not saying that it’s the truth. But I’m asking you to consider the possibility. Just imagine that life is that way. How would you live?”

Pause now and ask yourself: How would I live? 

Would you feel a sense of relief and boost in confidence that all is well now and always?  Or would you throw your hands up and say well, if that’s the case, who cares, why try? 

I’m guessing that most of us, myself included, might initially knee-jerk react with, what’s the point then, why try…what’s with all this ‘your choices in life determine your destiny’ stuff.

But wait…there’s more wisdom.  Here’s where it got juicy and where I saw the truth, or answer, revealed!  (note: I bolded some text for emphasis)

Penache writes:  “All of our lives are laid out for us in patterns that we cannot see. We see only one small piece of the pattern from where we stand on this particular day. Still, we can trust. Trust is our greatest ally when we think of the future. Hand in hand with trust, we are able to walk boldly forward. Unafraid. Unimpeded. Made confident by our knowledge that the path in front of us will be revealed. A light always appears, even in the densest fog. It is not our job to know the precise nature of that light. It is our job to continue to move forward. But without trust we can’t keep going.

But without trust we can’t keep going. Without trust, we start to flail. We become lost in the fog. We doubt our own ability to navigate. We might even get turned around, disrupted, and find ourselves right back where we started.

When we trust, we discover the courage to allow ourselves to stand absolutely still. To take a deep breath. To find our bearings. To know that there is light all around us— even when we can’t see as far as our own hand.

As you drift off to sleep, imagine that you are surrounded by this dense, rich fog. It is the fog of not knowing. It’s calling you into surrender. Allow yourself to stay right here, in this place of unfolding. It is safe to do so. As you close your eyes, whisper within yourself: I don’t know. When you awaken, it will be with a renewed trust in whatever you cannot yet see— in whatever light there is to guide you, just around the corner.

Ah, trust – that dear, dear friend of mine that all too often I’ve dismissed and doubted. 

I don’t even need to believe that life is preordained and all laid out because frankly that still makes my brain spin a bit. 

Instead, I can choose to believe that by trusting more, without having to see the how or why or path ahead, my life is unfolding just as it’s meant to be.

And the cherry on top is that if it’s not true, or Penache is wrong, there is no downside.  With unwavering trust, my life will be easier, more calm and less stressful.

Sign me up!

How about you?  Are you willing to trust more?

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