A Dose of Inspiration

When do you know if you’re inspired or motivated?  And why should you care?

There’s a BIG difference in the two, that’s why.

Knowing the difference can be a liberating realization because if what you’re striving for is being sought through you being motivated, you have a very low chance of actually reaching your goal or end target.

Motivation wanes and you can spot it easily when you break down why you’re doing something: you “should” do this. 

When motivated by should, (by example: I should work out more; or I should volunteer and give back; or I should be more patient with my co-workers that drive me nuts, etc. ), you also draw out your inner rebel, so it becomes in inner battle rather than something you genuinely desire.

You give up rather easily and with it comes the long list of reasons to blame for your lack of success - never actually recognizing it wasn't something you were deeply inspired to attain in the first place.

Inspiration on the other hand is everlasting.  It’s a knowing within your core that you are destined to have, achieve, and be.  Like the flame of a torch that never burns out, you consistently seek what you know is meant for you. 

I’ve also heard it said that motivation is that fleeting, yet powerful kick-starter to push you to get started, but inspiration, it’s what will always pull you through.

So are you pushing or being pulled?

Here’s another perspective:  when you’re inspired you don’t let people, places or circumstances stop you.  You’re willing to endure the struggle, the ups and downs.  It might take a long time to get there, but what is time – it will pass regardless right? 

When you’re working towards becoming who you are inspired to be, the excuses and obstacles fade away.

I encourage you to take some quiet time and get really honest with yourself about WHY you seek what you’re after.

Whatever it is you’re currently working to achieve, evolve to become or even radically change in your life – stop and ask yourself, are you motivated or inspired?

How will your life be meaningfully better when you achieve what you seek?

Do you sincerely believe you can?

What excuses, obstacles or situations allow you to get derailed?

And please trust me when I say, if any of your list of reasons are for others (their acceptance, approval, love) or for societal status (money, possessions, fame), you will remain frustrated and simply move from seeking one thing to the next to the next and never reaching a place of true fulfillment. 

Life has a funny way of repeating lessons until we finally get it.

I’d love to hear about your experiences, your ups and your downs, your successes and your crash-n-burns.  Leave a comment will you?   And if you found this article helpful and think others would to, please share it.

Coach Rusti Q

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