Wellness and Life Coaching

Benefits of having a coach by your side

Customized to you

One size doesn’t fit all. You’ll get custom tools and solutions.  Together we'll find your unique healthy and happy sweet spot you can sustain.

Confidence restored

The answers to your biggest frustrations are within reach.  With a coach by your side, you'll be amazed how quickly you ignite your confidence and get results. 

Tools and support

Support and accountability, plus new tools and perspective will invigorate and motivate you.  Best of all, we'll co-create a tailor-made-for-you roadmap that works!

Together we're stronger

If you've tried to make lifestyle change on our own, but are finding that you aren't able to make your progress last, now's the time to partner with a coach to make all your hard work worth it.

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Create Lasting Change


Regain control of time, improve consistency without overwhelm and learn how to prioritize your wellness and life goals.

There really is a formula you can learn and follow to get lasting lifestyle and habit change. The kind that empowers you and creates lifetime mindset shifts.

Discover how to navigate discomfort, fear of change, and what to do when you feel stuck or frustrated.

What others are saying


From my lowest, to thriving!

“When I started working with Rusti I was at the lowest in my life. When my company offered coaching with Rusti and explained that she’s a life coach not a psychiatrist, I was like what do I have to lose. When she reached out to me after our first session to check on my mental health that’s when I knew we were going to build a strong relationship...I’m in a better head space since our first meeting. I have a better relationship with my family, I found real love and I’m finally happy about what the future has in store for me. God puts people in your life for a reason. He knew what he was doing when he bought Rusti in my life. Love her.” - Nicole


My life is forever changed!

“Working with Rusti has changed my life!  Following every session, whether an individual or group, I feel hopeful and energized. She is a keen listener, asks thoughtful questions, and has an innate ability to synthesize ideas with empathy and understanding. With her wealth of health and wellness knowledge, Rusti has taught me manageable tools that help me be more present and able to navigate the twists and turns of life. I highly recommend Rusti as a coach.” – Hilary


I felt lost, until I found my Coach!

"When I first met Rusti my life felt pretty chaotic and out of control, I was struggling with binge eating and Rusti helped me to gain a clear perspective on the root causes.  She's a good listener and always has great insights and suggestions.  The most impressive is the effort and sincerity she has put toward helping me reach my goals. I will forever be grateful for her knowledge, patience, and compassion. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm on the right track toward changing my thoughts and behaviors for the better… and I whole-heartedly have Rusti to thank for that!"

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