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Why partner with Coach Rusti?

As a certified Health Coach specializing in eating psychology, mindset transformation and body acceptance, RustiQ offers a unique set of services that can easily integrate into your organization's wellness program. 

At the root of any person’s obstacles to achieving the health they most want is managing stress, their time, and having healthy boundaries.  To address this, employees need a guide, or Coach, who can help them cultivate a work-life balance that prioritizes their health and quality of life.

Too often a corporate wellness falls short on giving employees actionable tools to make lasting change in the areas of their life that frustrate them the most. 

The various services and solution-oriented strategies and solutions Coach RustiQ offers leads to true behavior change and thriving health.

Healthier employee = more engaged and productive

Coach RustiQ is uniquely different than other Health Coaches because she uses her professional training and personal life experience to coach men and women to Unlock their Healthy Self.

The answers to what leads a person to living the healthiest and most vibrant quality of life are found within each of us.  

The obstacles that block us from reaching those heights are also within us. 

Once we become aware of what’s blocking us, we can make habit changes, mindset shifts, create new beliefs and consciously choose our destiny. 

Having Coach RustiQ as part of your corporate wellness program shortens an employee’s learning curve and leads them greater and more sustainable results.

Coach RustiQ’s services enhance any corporate wellness program in the following ways:

  • Broadens engagement leading to a healthier workforce
  • Offers new programs and new ways to earn rewards
  • Create year-round excitement
  • Compliment Wellness Committee initiatives
  • Lend a hand during peak work periods when the wellness program might not be priority
  • Meet employees where they’re at in their health journey; champion to higher levels
  • Build personal connections with employees and remind them how much their employer values their health and wellbeing
  • Serve as an accountability partner to the organization

Types of services offered

  1. One-on-One Health Coaching with employees (onsite where available; or by video conference or phone)
  2. Virtual Book Club with action worksheets to apply what’s learned
  3. 4-week online courses (or onsite where available) in the following areas(sample list):
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Digital detox
  • Stress reduction
  • How to break free from emotional eating
  • Rejuvenating morning and evening wellness rituals
  1. Lunch ‘n Learn Topics such as (sample list):
  • Navigating change, moving beyond fear and discomfort
  • Stress and overwhelm survival toolkit
  • Developing nourishing relationships to food, weight, body image
  • Embracing consistency and routine as the pathway to freedom
  • Overcoming sabotaging beliefs and behaviors
  • Creating healthy boundaries in your relationships
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