Mindfulness Meditation is where a we intentionally train our mind to focus on an anchor like our breath.  With practice you can expand it to sounds and other body sensations.  By getting still and cultivating a regular meditation practice, we create in-the-moment awareness and use it to relate to our thoughts and feelings in a new way.

Meditation has dozens of benefits and improves health in many ways, one of the biggest is retraining our minds to become less reactive and not get hooked or swept away by our random thoughts as easily.

This awareness skill (mindfulness) makes life easier and way more enjoyable.

When we observe our thoughts in our meditation practice, we're learning how to create a slight pause or gap, and it’s in that space we hold our power and freedom of choice in how we relate to our thoughts and respond to life. This applies to our internal thought life and the external world around us. Best of all, it’s a skill everyone can learn. Yes, everyone can meditate (there are no exceptions) and even one minute counts! Better to practice one minute daily than 10-15 minutes once in a while.

Important reminder: there’s only one wrong way to meditate and that’s to not meditate.

"I wanted to develop a meditation practice because I'd heard so much good comes from it, but I didn't know where to start.  Coach Rusti taught me the basics, helped me get into a groove, then directed me towards other teachers and resources so I could deepen my practice.

A very short list of some of the benefits of developing a regular meditation habit

  • Improved sleep
  • Stress regulation
  • Increased energy
  • Better patience and listening skills
  • Improved communication skills with friends/family and at work
  • Greater focus and productivity
  • Learn to be with strong emotions and not get swallowed up in them
  • Significant reduction in rumination

Meditating isn't a magic pill, but as close to one you can find. 

The only way to know whether implementing a regular meditation practice into your life improves your health and quality of life is to give it an honest try.  Come with an explorative and curious mind and see what happens.  I can genuinely say that each person who has taken me up on developing a regular meditation practice was at first highly skeptical and resistant, but couldn't wait to tell me how grateful they were they gave it a try and stuck with it long enough to see what all the hype was about.  Yes, it is transformative.

You ready to give it a try?

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