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Four times a year, you have the opportunity to spend 6-weeks working in a team setting to develop better, more consistent health and wellbeing habits.   

The kind of strong, foundation habits that support your biggest goals.

You can participate from anywhere in the world and you get daily coaching advice from Coach RustiQ throughout the 6-weeks.

Each day, we’ll practice 7-daily habits that are proven to radically transform your health and quality of life using sustainable methods.

  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Exercise
  • Mobility
  • Nutrition
  • Wellbeing
  • Reflection

This is not a diet program or quick-fix.  After all, changing long-held unwanted habits and beliefs takes time and effort to truly make lasting change. 

But isn’t it time you stopped chasing quick-fixes and instead chose a way of living that’s doable no matter where you’re currently at in your health, weight or wellness habits.

You’ll learn sustainable practices that don’t require without white-knuckling it or fearing one slip-up will send you right back into the ‘aw f*ck it’ place that’s gotten you into the mess you’re currently in.

You’ll have accountability and participate alongside other committed, supportive and empowering teammates.

Team Healthy Mojo is an official team of the Whole Life Challenge (WLC).

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