Any of these sound familiar?

  • I know what to do, I just don’t do it and I don’t know why?
  • I hate myself after I emotionally eat, but I don’t know how to stop!
  • If you had the life I have, you’d struggle with your weight and stress too!
  • If I don’t do something soon, I know I’m gonna get diabetes. I’m so scared.
  • I keep trying to diet, doing everything right, and nothing works; why?
  • I’m so busy, I wish I could slow down and concentrate on my health, but how?
  • OMG summer is coming and I still look like this, kill me now!
  • If my family would get off my back about my eating, it only drives me to eat more!
  • I’ll be happy when...
  • Who has time to eat healthy, and what does that even mean?
  • Everyday I hear something different.  It’s so confusing!
  • I feel so gross and hate looking at myself in the mirror; I’m disgusting!

As a certified Health Coach specializing in eating psychology, mindset transformation and body wisdom. 
I help people overcome these awful struggles everyday.

I'd like the opportunity to help you
become comfortable in your body and have the life you dream of. 

Ready to change your life with Health Coaching?

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Coach RustiQ is a certified Health Coach who specializes in coaching others to find their unique healthy and happy sweet spot

She uses her own life experience as well as training in eating psychology, mindset transformation and body wisdom to guide her clients to a new way of life; one where they feel comfortable in their own skin just as they are through every season of life.

The clients that are drawn to Coach RustiQ have a desperate need to be freed from their inner struggle they’ve battled for many years.  They’ve tried it all, especially the so-called-proven ways of fixing their mind and body problems.  They’re tired of yo-yo’ing, only ever getting temporary results, and the long-history of failed attempt after failed attempt.


Is this you?

Do you dream of finally being comfortable in your own skin and participate in life as your true self? 

Stop hiding? 

Stop waiting to be happy?

The good news is, there is a sustainable way out of your struggle-filled way of life. 

With my Health Coaching, you can heal your relationship food, weight, self-worth and body image. 

You’re not broken and you don’t need fixing, you just need better information and real solutions that last long-term!


WARNING: doing the inner work to transform your beliefs, values and habits as it relates to food, weight, self-worth and body image, is some of the most difficult work you’ll ever do, but absolutely the most rewarding work of a your life. 


It’s the difference of living an unfulfilled, struggle-based life vs. being at-ease with yourself and having an unshakable knowing you’re ok just as you are; you know you can get through every storm life throws at you and not fall backwards.

Using masterful listening skills, Coach RustiQ takes will take what she learns about your struggles, your lifestyle and current set of beliefs to then use it to guide you to Unlock Your Healthy Self

Yes, YOU have all have the answers – they are just lying dormant within you, waiting to be unlocked!

In our coaching work together, you’ll be given tangible action steps and asked to experiment with new habits that will transform your life forever.

Other important things to know when you work with me:

There’s a reason it’s a $70 Billion Dollar industry – solving the problem would put them out of business!!  So I will actively work to help you unlearn the dieting mindset you may have and that will continue to sabotage your efforts if not released from your way of doing things. 

There are always very good reasons you do what you do, even when you know it’s harmful and counter to what you say you want.

I get it.  And here’s why: they no longer work because you’re different, your life is different and what inspires you is different.  I’ll help you let go of the past and successfully move forward into a brighter future!

We might need to work on your willingness to endure the process of change though! Having Coach RustiQ guide you to your healthy and happy sweet spot, help make sense of your inner-world, offer you actionable strategies and work with you in a completely free from judgment kind of way is a winning combination and an experience like you’ve never had.

Coach RustiQ conducts special events, offers group coaching programs, works with individual clients one-on-one, and serves as the Health Coach for corporate wellness programs.

Let’s get started, shall we?

My Story

I'm from Colorado and 48 years old, a wife and stepmother and currently live in Olde Town Arvada in the Denver-metro area.

I'm a live entertainment enthusiast, love to play and avid sports fan; when I'm not watching I'm playing pickleball and golf, or enjoying yoga.

I'm competitive by nature, but believe there's always enough to go around for everyone.  Grace and abundance exists in unlimited supply if we choose to see the goodness all around us.

I'm deeply spiritual and begin and end my day in prayer and meditation.

Becoming a certified Health Coach was something I stumbled upon after burning out in my corporate career in 2013.  Working with others in such a trusted relationship as their Health Coach truly is an honor and it’s my passion, not just a career.

Having struggled with my relationship with food, weight, body image, not to mention people-pleasing, workaholism and perfectionism most of my life, I have both personal experience with all of those struggles and boatloads of training and education on top of it (and as a forever-a-student mindset, am continuously learning every day more and more).

If we go back 10 years ago, I was reflecting on my life.  I’d spent my entire childhoold as a very active, but fat athlete.  I was put on my first diet when I was 10 and forced weekly weigh-in’s with the threats of food restriction and forced exercise if I didn’t lose weight (this caused me to become bulimic btw; the shame I carried for so many years was unimaginable); then spent my 20's and most of my 30's doing everything doctors, nutritionists, counselors, personal trainers, diet experts, even a hypnotist, etc. told me to do to lose weight and “get healthy” (note: excess weight and uncontrolled stress were my only health conditions btw).  And yet, with all my might and putting forth tremendous effort, the reverse was happening.   

Things were only getting worse!

Each failed diet attempt led to more feelings of hopelessness and rebound weight gain.

OMG how I despise diets - they don't work!  I mean, have you ever wondered why there's never a reunion show of the Biggest Loser?  Hmmm, maybe because they didn’t keep the weight off? 

And counting calories, puh-leeeze!  Don’t get me started on what garbage that advice was and is!   The number of years I spent counting, measuring, portioning thinking all food was the same as long as I didn’t go over a certain calorie count. 
Garbage advice!!

I digress…let’s get back to my mid-30’s.  I watched my weight balloon to 340 lbs (I’m 5’5” btw) and I feared diabetes and living crappy life being limited in what I could do and experience because of my weight...so I decided to go on the biggest and final diet of my life by having gastric bypass surgery in Aug. 2008.

Making the decision to permanently alter my body through surgery wasn’t easy, but it was worth it for me.  I don’t regret it.  It’s the biggest and best gift I ever gave myself and it has led me to where I am today.  Lots of lessons learned and from my darkest dieting days through what I learned about weight loss and weight maintenance post surgery are miraculous gifts.   

It’s important to tell you that even as I was voluntarily putting myself through weightloss surgery (I’d never even spent a night in a hospital!), my inner voice knew the root cause of my weight problem was the food but it wasn’t the food, you know?   

I kept thinking, I’m a highly successful person who has achieved nearly everything I’ve ever set my mind to achieving, but yet this one thing, food/weight, I can’t get a handle on it.  I couldn’t figure it out on my own.  There had to be something more to it.  What was I missing?

To be smart, successful in every other area of life, popular with lots of loving friends, a classic overachiever…yet I couldn't control my weight.  It was nothing short of  maddening!

Fortunately, I was wiling to ask for help.  I was done trying to captain the ship myself.  Something deep within me know there were unresolved hurts, unmet needs and unhealthy and self-sabotaging beliefs that were driving me to use food as my solution.

Post gastric bypass surgery, I decided to throw the kitchen sink at figuring it all out.  So I found a counselor to work with.  I started journaling.  I joined a gym and got a personal trainer.  I worked with a mentor.  I became willing to experiment with new ways of doing things.

It worked, or so I thought.  Once I lost the weight, life was great.  My career was reaching new levels of success, I was making amazing money, traveling the world, finding love and more.  Yet I still struggled with my inner self.  The feelings of doubt plagued me.  I worried I was a fraud and one day I’d be found out.  My bulimic ways would even show up from time to time.  I was scared.

So I put more of my effort into my career and ratcheted up my workaholism.  That didn’t turn out so well.  Within 4 years of my gastric bypass surgery I was burned out.  Newly married with a wonderful life ahead of me, I couldn’t take the pressure anymore.  I walked away from my lucrative career in health insurance consulting and paused.

A couple years prior to my burn out, I had ran across a blog article written by Marc David of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating.  I can’t even remember what the article was but it touched me in the most profound way.  I recall sending the article to my then-fiance and saying “If I ever leave my company, I think I’ll become a Health Coach using the teachings I’ve read about here in this article.  For once I understand that I’m not broken and I don’t need fixing!”

I genuinely cry each time I think back to that moment.  Because I knew then, 2 years before I burned out in my coporate career, that I was drowning and all that I had worked so hard to achieve with my weight and health was slipping away. 

It took two more very difficult and painful years for me to finally say uncle.

I went through The Institute for Psychology of Eating training and became certified.  And from that point on, I worked on healing my harmful thought patterns and self-sabotaging beliefs.  I broke free from the pain I once felt when I thought I was broken and unworthy. 

I’m at peace with myself.


I trust my body.


I love myself without conditions as to what I eat, how much I weigh, how others perceive me.


I am comfortable in my own skin.


I’m grateful for each moment of each day.


I’ve received priceless gifts from coming through the storms of my darkest days.

And I know that prioritizing my health so that I can live the quality of life I want is a journey filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, and I will make plenty of mistakes and get derailed sometimes. 

This I know for sure, the derailment is always temporary.  True success lies in my ability to stay willing to begin again and to shorten the duration more and more of the period of time I get off track.

Because I love and accepting myself unconditionally, I trust myself to do whatever it takes to prioritize my health and self-care habits.

Unconditionally loving oneself is the hardest work I’ve ever done, but profoundly the most rewarding.

The biggest cherry on top to my story is that now, as a Health Coach, I’m able to pay my gift forward.  To help others to find their healthy & happy sweet spot.

I hope I have the privilege of working with you so that you too can Unlock Your Healthy Self?

Hear What Others Have to Say!

Testimonials from clients I’ve had the privilege to help find their healthy and happy sweet spot:

"The work I’ve done with Coach RustiQ has literally changed my life and my weight! I've struggle with emotional eating and binge eating for almost 10 years. I've tried every diet out there with only temporary successes. Rusti has helped me to find and address the root psychological issues behind these out of control behaviors. My relationship with food and my body image have never been better and I'm down 26 pounds and approaching my goal weight! I am so grateful for Rusti's specialized knowledge and her spot-on insights. I would advise anyone to seek out her services if they really want to get off the diet roller-coaster for good! "

Maria L.

"When I first started with Coach RustiQ I was a complete stress case and very overwhelmed with my work-life balance. Coach RustiQ has given me lifelong learnings that were easy to implement and made a world of change. Thank you for giving me back control of my life!"

Shawna M.

"This experience completely shifted my view on wellness. I liked that it was focused on both body and mind and not just on the aspect of weight loss. It has increased my awareness around food and my enjoyment of physical activity. Rusti really challenged me in places outside my comfort zone to really look at how I approach my relationship with food. It made me look deep into the mind/body connection"

Kari S.

"Rusti's coachings sessions were the key to my transformation. As a busy working mom of three kids with a high stress job that requires lots of travel, I was out of control in all areas of my life. The weekly stress therapy zoned directly into my most hurtful habits, and helped me understand how to build rhythm and boundaries, how to grab control of the things that I could so that the items that I couldn't would have as much impact, and how to define and make time for relaxation, self care, friends. You wouldn't think those are key aspects of a "diet" but boy did they work wonders on my entire being!"

Julie B.

"I don't know exactly what you did but I found a whole new person. It is very weird but very enlightening and freeing."

Carmen B.

"Rusti gentle nature is a pleasure to work with. Motivating and reassuring she makes modifying your unhealthy or unproductive behaviors less stressful. I appreciate the holistic approach that touches on emotions, triggers, mindfulness, and grace and in my personal and professional life that all lead to my eating and self view."

Chris O.

"Rusti’s coaching services have made a tremendous difference in my life! When I first sought out Rusti’s coaching services, all I was hoping for was the perfect diet plan to help me to lose weight. With Rusti’s guidance, I have created a “perfect” eating plan for me. However, the most surprising part of my journey with Rusti has been the greater understanding of myself and gaining a set of tools to help me on the path of living a healthier more balanced life. Rusti is a very perceptive and knowledgeable coach. She asks good questions, provides insight as well as action steps to try. I highly recommend Rusti as a Health Coach! My work with her has changed my life for the better!"

Hilary T.

"Working with Rusti is wonderful! She is thoughtful, kind, supportive and very informed about the best health strategies while also learning to appreciate and love the body you have. I highly recommend working with her; she is a wonderful source of support and guidance. "

Anissa B.

"Rusti is amazing at what she does! She takes complex processes and distills them down to their simplest parts, therefore helping you see what is truly important. Can't recommend her enough! "

Chris H.

"Rusti gets to the heart of the matter. She's a thoughtful listener and then zeros in on the underlying issue that I had missed entirely! Her ideas and suggestions are kind and self-care focused and she always presents them in a way that leaves it up to me what to do; no bossing or know-it-all attitude! She's compassionate for sure. I regularly recommend my friends to Rusti for health and life coaching. "

Laura M.

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