Hi there!  Nice to meet you

I'm Rusti Quarles.  Originally from Colorado, now living in Nashville, TN where my love of live entertainment can run wild.  When not doing that, I'm either playing pickleball (I'm a bit obsessed), enjoying time with my husband John, traveling, watching or attending sporting events, hanging with friends, taking walks or reading.

My biggest passion though is serving and supporting others as their Health and Life Coach.  One of my greatest strengths is a synthesizer of wisdom, strategies and resources I can share with clients to accelerate their progress. 

Most people who are drawn to my coaching practice come with outdated information, beliefs that aren't supporting who they really are, and haven't yet been introduced to a system of mindset tools, daily habits and healing practices that support the life and health they most desire. 

Together we can discover what works for you and your life.  Your healthy & happy sweet spot is unique to you and has been out of reach for too long.  Let's change that!

The sweet spot is different for each person and changes as we age.

“This - is now my way: where is yours?'…for the way - does not exist!”  Friedrich Nietzsche

A bit of background

I didn't intentionally seek to become a Health and Life Coach.  I became one after having burned out in a big way in my corporate career that, to the outside world, looked like a dream and came with all the material wealth and perks we're taught is the American dream.

For me though, towards the end of my 12 year corporate career, I didn't have the tools and healthy coping strategies to regulate the pressure and demands I faced both personally and professionally. 

I was a wreck.  Instead of asking for help and learning new ways of managing intense emotions and daily overwhelm, I doubled down on what I was taught by my family and society.  Basically, buck up, push through, no pain no gain, don't let others know you can't handle it, and above all, don't complain. 

It seems laughable to me now when I think back to all the ways I contorted, shape-shifted and suppressed my inner knowing just to hide how I was crumbling inside.  I regularly found myself thinking I'm drowning, I can't breathe.  As a result, I couldn't sleep and developed panic attacks. 

These days, practicing proven tools and daily routines, I've recovered from my sleep deprivation that led to having panic attacks.  I've also broken free from being a people-pleaser, perfectionist,  emotional eater, workaholic, dieter, overthinker, and self-medicating binge drinker.

I share all this as evidence that we all have the capacity to change and thrive. If I can figure out how to recover and change all those things that weighed me down mentally, physically and spiritually for nearly three decades, you can too!  I'd be honored to show you how either through one-on-one coaching or through your employer as part of my corporate wellness services.

The areas of health and life improvement, where I'm the most helpful include:

  • Unlearning the beliefs you were taught, but now harm you; replacing them with helpful beliefs meant for your life
  • Mindset Training (relate to thoughts/stimulus so that you stay in alignment with your values and support your health)
  • Stress and Anxiety Regulation
  • Applying Mindfulness techniques in day-to-day life
  • Develop a regular Meditation practice so that you respond skillfully to life's ups and downs
  • Eating Psychology and Body Acceptance
  • Freedom from Diet Hell
  • Making movement fun so you'll consistently do it
  • Conflict Resolution and Improved Communication skills
  • Adopting Healthy Boundaries
  • Time management
  • Overcoming Perfectionism and Procrastination
  • Discovering how to live with ease in YOUR unique Healthy and Happy Sweet Spot

I am deeply committed to exceeding the expectations of each person I work with.  I'm well studied and fully show up.  I hold two coaching certifications and decades of life experience.  But I won't ever claim to be the best health coach or possess all the answers to your problems.  Heck, I still have my share of off-days and even face-plant on occasion.  I'm human, it's part of the learning experience. I can tell you though, now, these days when I get off course, make mistakes or feel like I'm going backwards, I only stay there briefly.  What used to take months to course correct now takes days or hours.  It's a mindset to choose to see life as a game where I either win or I learn. There is no failure when I approach each day from this space.  I'm living each day in my unique health & happy sweet spot.

How about you?  When life gets out of balance, do you get disappointed in yourself, and sometimes act out in hurtful ways, towards yourself and others?  Once you become aware you're out of balance, what do you do?  Did you know that's the magic moment of awakening where you can harness the power of choice?  Intentionally choosing how to respond next is the way forward; the way to heal and overcome. 

Client Love


“Working with Rusti has truly been life changing.   She has helped me navigate the path towards a healthier lifestyle in all areas of my life.  I've tried so many diets and programs in my lifetime, only to have short term success but end up back where I began, or worse!  Hands down, private coaching with Rusti has been the best decision I’ve made.   She tailors her approach to meet me where I am currently, and she adapts with me as new challenges arrive. ”


“I highly recommend Rusti’s approach for helping to build a personal tool kit for personal growth and fulfillment. She is a master at helping people deal with stress and find tools to live a life that helps you build a “healthy” muscle, both mind AND body.”


"Rusti’s coaching services have made a tremendous difference in my life!...the most surprising part of my journey with Rusti has been the greater understanding of myself and gaining a set of tools to help me on the path of living a healthier more balanced life.  Rusti is a very perceptive and knowledgeable coach.  She asks good questions, provides insight as well as action steps to try…I highly recommend Rusti…my work with her has changed my life for the better!"


“Rusti’s methods are not the band-aid sort of strategies, but rather the get-to-the-real-underlying-issue sort of strategies.  With her help, I’m shifting many of my patterns in my relationships, which has finally shifted my habit of stress eating.  Rusti is infinitely kind and compassionate, but will also always tells you how it is. No more beating around the bush and wasting time.” 


“A huge thank you to you. You have helped me to see my health in a new way. You targeted areas of my life that I didn’t realize were so critical to my health. How silly of me. But here I am, making progress and feeling SO MUCH BETTER!! Thank you!!”


"Rusti’s insights, life experience and vast knowledge has taught me how to connect to my inner strengths and how to create a future that truly fits me. My life is now filled with much more joy and confidence. I am so thrilled by my experience working with Rusti, that even now my daughter is a client with her, achieving much success!"

Know this...

There are priceless gifts that get revealed from the storms you go through.  Nothing is wasted and all that is meant for you will find you.  It's not too late!

You aren't broken and there is nothing inherently wrong with you.  Every person on this earth is a work-in-progress.  Nobody, repeat N-O-B-O-D-Y, has it all figured out.

When you replace focusing on the end result with the daily willingness to be uncomfortable during the process of change, abundant and unexpected blessings will find you and multiply. 

Lasting change doesn't happen overnight and there are no quick fixes for our most deeply held wants.  It takes work to change unhealthy patterns of behavior and conditioned beliefs that no longer serve who you're wanting to become.  Release the hope you'll find a quick fix (you won't).  Have patience with yourself.  You're worth the effort!

There is but one constant in this life: change.  Get good at it and know that everything is temporary. The good, the meh, and the bad: it's all temporary!  Accepting this truth brings freedom like you've never known.

You have the capacity to love and accept yourself unconditionally.  Even be intentionally kind to yourself.  Trust yourself that you have what it takes to pursue every possible pathway available to reach this unconditional love state of being on a consistent basis.

Your mind will try to convince you that the change you seek isn't happening fast enough, or it's too late for you, or you don't have what it takes to make it happen.  Please don't believe those lies.  You possess the capacity to change and you wildly underestimate your ability.  Ask for help and never give up seeking, tweaking and growing.  You're worth it!

I hope I have the privilege of knowing you, supporting you in your journey, and witnessing you living in your healthy & happy sweet spot.

What if getting healthier and being happier continue to elude you, could coaching be what you need? 

Want to learn better ways to get what you most desire?

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