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Health and Life Coaching

Discover your healthy and happy sweet spot!


"I can't seem to stick with it.  I start out all gung-ho and then boom, my motivation is gone.  Why?" 

Making lasting lifestyle and habit changes can seem overwhelming.  It's also confusing with so much conflicting information out there, not to mention all the programs promising quick fixes.  So it's no wonder your motivation fizzles out and you can't hold on to your progress.

There's a better way to feel your best, comfortable in your skin and create the kind of life you know you're meant to have.  With coaching, you'll quickly discover where your strategies are failing you, why, and how to replace them with ones that not only work for you and your life, but last! 

With a supportive and skilled coach by your side, continuously supporting you and offering you tools you can put into practice immediately, along with proven techniques to shift the mental self-sabotage that often occurs when you go outside your comfort zone, you'll finally stick with it and start living a healthier and happier life.

Health Coaching could just be what you've been missing all along.  Ready to find out?

Hi, I'm Rusti, your coach!

I am a certified Health and Life Coach who specializes in guiding others to discovering their unique healthy and happy sweet spot and how to stay there!  I've been coaching men and women since 2014.  I'm passionate about accelerating your progress using proven action-based strategies that meet you where you're at and lead to lasting change.

It's not too late to change what's not working and leaving you feeling sluggish, anxious and fearing the future.  Your healthy and happy sweet spot will be unique to you and the life you want.  You'll be surprised how quickly you can make meaningful changes once we start working together.

I hope you'll reach out and I get the opportunity to work with you.

A bit more if you're unsure:

Health and Life Coaching offers you the opportunity to discover the reasons you're staying stuck, what you really want and why, and how to get it.  You'll receive practical meet-you-where-you're-at action steps every time we meet

Isn't it time to get that pep back in your step and regain your confidence?

If you've ever felt like you're just defective, like something's wrong with you because you see others being successful in their health and life pursuits, please know this: you're not broken, you simply need better information, shifts in your mindset about what it takes to make lasting change, tailored tools that fit YOU and your life, and consistent support from an experienced, lovingly direct and compassionate coach.

If you're on the fence, ask yourself these questions:

1) What's holding me back from reaching out, scheduling my first coaching session and finding out first hand if this is what I need?

2) If I'm not ready today, when will I be?

I'm here for you when you're ready.  It would be my honor to serve and support you.

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Benefits of Working with Rusti


One size doesn’t fit all. You’ll get custom tools and solutions.  Together we'll find your unique healthy and happy sweet spot you can sustain.


End the sabotaging behaviors and regain your confidence.  Together we'll dig up and heal the root cause of what’s keeping you stuck and frustrated.


Accountability, kind support, new tools and perspective that will invigorate and motivate you.  Best of all, put-into-action-now-how-to advice that leads to lasting results.

A Better Way

The obstacles that have prevented you from having the life and health you crave can be overcome. 

Schedule your free 15-minute Right Fit consultation to explore how.

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Create Lasting Change

a taste of what you'll receive when we work together

Regain control of time, improve consistency without overwhelm and learn to establish healthy boundaries.

Learn how to lasting habit change really takes root and how to make the mindset shifts that support the health and life you seek.

Discover how to navigate discomfort, fear of change, and what to do when you feel stuck or frustrated.

What others are saying

Miranda T.

"It was useful for me to have focus on health goals other than the traditional weight and exercise. Mindfulness and meditation were brought to the forefront to pay attention to and both topics have influenced the perception of myself. Thanks Rusti!"

Amara L.

"When I first met Rusti my life felt pretty chaotic and out of control, I was struggling with binge eating and Rusti helped me to gain a clear perspective on the root causes.  She's a good listener and always has great insights and suggestions.  The most impressive is the effort and sincerity she has put toward helping me reach my goals. I will forever be grateful for her knowledge, patience, and compassion. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm on the right track toward changing my thoughts and behaviors for the better… and I whole-heartedly have Rusti to thank for that!"

Shawn M.

"When I first started my coaching with Rusti I was a complete stress case and very overwhelmed with my work-life. She has given me lifelong tools that were easy to implement and made a world of change. Thank you for giving me back control of my life!"

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