Requesting Your Insight

Requesting Your Insight

It’s really important to me that I send out valuable content to you on a weekly basis.  I’ve been sending articles to you so far, but soon you’ll be receiving videos too.  Woot woot!

By valuable, I mean the kind of thought provoking stories, research and other health information that’s meant to cause you to pause, think about how it relates to your own life (or someone you care about that you share it with) and ultimately positively impacts your quality of life and mind-body health.

I appreciate each person who has taken the time to give me their feedback either by leaving a comment on the blog, emailing me directly ( or texting me at 719.924.0270.   THANK YOU – please continue to send me your thoughts* and the ways in which you liked (or even disliked) what you received.

This week – I’m asking for insight and feedback about getting derailed or self-sabotaging behaviors when you strongly desire improving or changing an area of your mind-body health, but you keep staying stuck in a never-ending loop going no-where.

You know Stuckville right?  It’s that place where you get super motivated and pound your first down declaring you’re “really going to do it this time” and yet within 48 -72 hours you’re back scratching your head thinking “what’s wrong with me?” or “Why don’t I have any willpower; it’s useless…who am I kidding?” or “S*!# I suck at this, I’m never gonna figure this out…I give up!!” Hint: these are the PG rated versions of what you actually say to yourself.

Sound familiar?

GREAT! *Here’s how you can help me out – leave me a comment or if you’d prefer a more private forum, send me an email ( with your most frustrating derailment or self-sabotage story, i.e. what problem do you have that you’re trying to fix about yourself and you know in your head what you need to do, yet you just can’t seem to do it; to reach the finish line?

With the feedback I receive, I’ll record a video outlining proven methods and practices you can implement right away to get unstuck.

Thank you. I truly appreciate you following me, supporting me and sharing my message with others you think could also benefit from the eating psychology and mind-body health and nutrition wisdom I’m working to spread in the world so that men and women who suffer in their relationship with food, weight and body image can break free and live a more vibrant, meaningful and healthy life.

In good health,

Coach Rusti Q

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