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Eating Psychology Badge from IPEYour “relationship” with food and body just isn’t working. Am I right?

Far too many adult men and women are living in a prison of despair, nutrition confusion, and white-knuckling it through diets and exercise regimens that have no lasting results. It’s no wonder you hear so many people say they are willpower weaklings when it comes to their relationship with food, body and health.

It’s not your fault. You are not broken. There is a better way and lasting solution to achieving the health, weight, body and mental peace you desire.

Up until now, you just didn’t have the right information, truthful metabolic science, and customized strategies to fit YOUR unique body and lifestyle.

Most importantly, you didn’t have an Eating Psychology Coach to help you find the keys to Unlock Your Healthy Self.

Imagine for a moment, being FREE from:

  • constantly judging your appearance,
  • yo-yo dieting,
  • punishing or boring exercise regimens,
  • calorie counting and food restrictions,
  • constantly struggling to reach your ideal weight,
  • questioning whether you’re lovable because of a number on a scale
  • binge and over-eating,
  • feeling tired and achy,
  • near constant negative mind chatter that won’t shut up,
  • frequent mood swings,
  • digestive gas, pain and bloating, and
  • other life limiting and costly health conditions that keep getting worse.

Are you open to:

  • a new approach to health, body image and fitness?
  • proven and sustainable strategies, yet new and unconventional to you?
  • eradicating toxic nutritional beliefs that are keeping you stuck?
  • throwing out the eat less/exercise more mentality and replace it with a nourishing mind-body-soul way of living?
  • defining your goals around what makes YOU happy, joyful and fulfilled?

Go ahead, shout it out – YES, I AM!!

Contact me today to schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and see if we’re the right fit for each other.

If you’re still reading, you might need more convincing that Eating Psychology Coaching is the solution you’ve been looking for to get the health, mind and body you so desperately crave.


Take this test by asking yourself if ANY of these thoughts sound familiar:

  • OMG, I’m out of control and have got to do something before it’s too late!
  • I am a willpower weakling and can’t control my appetite…I’m hopeless!
  • One failed diet attempt after another, I give up.
  • I’ll always be single and alone if I keep eating this way.
  • Those around me always compliment how great I look and how do I stay so thin…if they only knew my secrets…it’s hell.
  • How could I be so successful in every other area of my life but can’t fix my weight problem?
  • It’s too much work and too expensive to eat healthy and buy a gym. membership – I guess I’m just destined to be this way forever.
  • What I would give to have one day without bloating, gas and acid reflux.
  • I can only be happy when I fit in my skinny jeans (or weigh “x” lbs).
  • I’d rather have a hot poker stuck in my eye than go clothes shopping.
  • My body disgusts me…I just want to stay in bed and hide from the world.
  • I deserve to be sick and unhealthy, I try to eat right but never follow through.
  • I do so good on my diet all day and then wham, I binge eat in the evening, why can’t I stop doing that?
  • I’m so confused with what to eat, one expert say this, the other says that, then they go an change it the next day….uugghh, just tell me what to eat already!
  • Is this really it, a life of dieting, calorie counting and awful gym workouts?
  • I’m so tired all the time, yet I stay so busy…I get my workouts in, think I eat healthy, yet I’m exhausted all the time – what gives?

How many resonated with you? If any of them did, please trust there is a better, more nourishing and loving way to improve your health, feel great, adore your body and live your best life.

Eating Psychology Coaching is the key to Unlock Your Healthy Self and if you’ll allow me, I could be the coach who can guide you in reaching your goals!  

Here’s a short list of the types of results we can achieve together:

  1. Sustainable, uniquely individualized habits that align with your goals, your body and lifestyle- not just now, but as your life evolves in years to come
  2. A body you enjoy winking at in the mirror J
  3. Emotional freedom to express your authentic, real self
  4. Pleasurable, relaxed, instinctive eating will become the norm
  5. Discover your natural weight
  6. Regain your passion for life
  7. Spirited sex drive
  8. Elimination or reduction of body aches and pains
  9. Child-like levels of energy
  10. Mental peace and serenity
  11. Stronger and more enjoyable personal relationships
  12. Trust in your appetite and food choices
  13. Improved strength and flexibility
  14. Reduced or eliminated digestive upset, bloating, or gas
  15. Unconditional self-love and self-acceptance
  16. Time to focus on the people and activities that fuel your passions

And so much more.


Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Who Would Benefit From My Coaching Services? Adult men and women who have a dissatisfying to downright hell ridden relationship with food that is negatively impacting their health, life enjoyment and/or career. Food is both necessary to sustain life and is meant to be pleasurable, but when your relationship turns to love/hate or results in… Get Started Now!


Requesting Your Insight

Requesting Your Insight

It’s really important to me that I send out valuable content to you on a weekly basis.  I’ve been sending articles to you so far, but soon you’ll be receiving videos too.  Woot woot! By valuable, I mean the kind of thought provoking stories, research and other health information that’s meant to cause you to… Continue Reading



As your Coach, it will be my honor to guide you to discovering what truly nourishes your body, mind and spirit. This will lead you to achieving your health and fitness goals. My services and techniques are rooted in the dynamic eating psychology teachings and mind-body nutrition connection (for more, see FAQs below). The tools,… Tell Me More